How Jupiter Retrograde Ending Will Affect Your Sign

Your luck is about to change.

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Ever since Jupiter retrograde began on June 20, you’ve been given the opportunity to focus on inward growth and refine your headspace. But with the “Greater Benefic” — which rules over luck — stationing direct on Oct. 18, you can bet that change is coming for every sign.

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Jupiter retrograde asked that you re-evaluate who you surround yourself with. While it likely cost you a few companions, Oct. 18 will invite healthy, reliable people into your social circle.

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You've been prompted to slow down and retrace your steps as of late, but things will begin to progress again. Now is the perfect time to go for that new job you've been eying or ask for that promotion. This retrograde has prepared you for the growth that's to come.

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Jupiter retrograde has likely slowed down your quest for information. As Jupiter stations direct, things will really start to move forward again. Be sure to pace yourself. Knowledge is power, but adequately digesting the knowledge is key.

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Setting boundaries is something you struggle with, but Jupiter retrograde opened your eyes. Drawing a line in the sand doesn't make you any less nurturing; it's essential for all relationships. Soon, it'll become easier for you to put what you've learned to good use.

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Retrogrades tend to slow things down, so if your love life has been a bit stagnant, expect things to start picking up soon. Balancing your need for self-expression while also navigating partnership isn't easy, but you're starting to get the hang of it.

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If you've been working at your daily self-care routines, expect to see some new progress once Jupiter stations direct. Progress takes patience. Your hard work never goes to waste, and Jupiter retrograde ending is the perfect reflection of that.

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If you've been experiencing a slower period in your dating endeavors, things will begin to pick up again. The retrograde has likely provided you with time to pause and reflect on your relationship with intimacy, but not to worry — your fun is finally continuing.

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Expect some progression in your home life once Jupiter stations direct. This could be a great time to move, or have family members over. Either way, this area of your life is finally moving forward again.

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Jupiter retrograde asked that you re-evaluate how you share knowledge, but starting Oct. 18, you'll finally begin to feel like yourself again. Now is the time to share what you've learned over the last few months, and the people around you will be all ears.

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You'll start to see money matters begin to improve. As discouraging as Jupiter rx likely was, retrogrades prompt us to re-evaluate things that we otherwise may have missed. With a newfound relationship with money, this time promises financial growth and abundance.

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Jupiter retrograde prompted a lot of internal growth for you. On Oct. 18, it'll start to become more apparent. Your inner and external worlds will finally align, and your personal growth will continue in a way that's expansive and abundant.

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Mental health has been your top priority lately. While this time may have been isolating, you've gotten to know yourself a lot better. The end of Jupiter rx will provide you with more inner growth, and you can rely on your newfound mental health practices to keep you on track.

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