The Moon On Halloween 2021 Will Be Extra Creepy

Every sign will be affected by the haunting event.

On Oct. 31, 2021, The Moon Will Be In Virgo

This Halloween, a waning crescent moon will rise in analytical, intricate, and scientific Virgo, tapping into your eye for all the creepy details. The moon will also trine innovative and unique Uranus, bringing out your inner weirdo. Prepare for a hauntingly interesting holiday.

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You've probably got so many different ideas for how to spend this Halloween. Why not create the perfect itinerary? You may be in the mood to keep an air-tight yet fabulous schedule, making sure to fit in every single one of your bizarre plans for how to spend the holiday.


You may feel totally inspired this Halloween. Your creative instincts are coming to life, causing magic to sparkle wherever you go. If you want to go all out this year, let nothing stop you. This could actually be one of the most enjoyable Halloweens you've had in years.

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This Halloween, you're tapping into your inner witch. You may feel like casting spells, tending to your home, baking something magical, and protecting your loved ones. If you're in the mood to hand out candy to trick-or-treaters, you'll definitely make everyone feel loved.


You're tapping into your ability to be an evil scientist this Halloween. Your intellectual abilities are coming to life, making you the perfect person to share scary stories around the fire, study creepy stories online, and learn all about the lore that makes this holiday so fun.

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Halloween is an opportunity to get dressed to the nines, and you may be the winner of every costume party you attend this year. You might be in the mood to spend extra time designing your look, polishing your makeup, and making use of every show-stopping accessory in your closet.

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Mirror, mirror, on the wall, who's the fairest of them all? You are, my dear. The moon is in Virgo, encouraging you to get out of your comfort zone and embrace your confidence. Halloween gives you permission to express yourself, so why not take full advantage of that?

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Your imagination is coming to life this Halloween. You may feel like wandering on your own and soaking up the daydreams that flow your way. Make sure to meditate, tune into your inner voice, and connect with other realms. Your spiritual power will reach new heights on Oct. 31.

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Even if your plan was always to stay home this Halloween, you may change your mind come Oct. 31. Every single party in town will be so benefitted by your presence, so why not make a surprise entrance? It might just remind you of how ridiculously popular you truly are.


You may want to turn your Halloween experience into a marketing opportunity. Why not create the perfect environment for a photo shoot? Why not spruce up your social media presence to reflect how creative you are this Halloween? After all, a witch has got to promote their brand.


Try something different this Halloween. You may even feel like hopping on your broomstick and flying off to unfamiliar destinations. After all, there's nothing creepier than the unknown, and on Oct. 31, you may feel like embarking on an adventure you won't forget.


You may feel more drawn to the creepy side of Halloween this year. As your mind wanders off to all things taboo, forbidden, and of course, dangerous, you may discover the true meaning of Halloween. Do something that piques your darker interests (and scares you out of your wits).

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Every witch needs a soul mate, and this year, you may feel like spending your time with whomever you love most. It doesn't matter whether they're your BFF, your SO, or your imaginary friend. Embrace your ability to be the person who protects someone from the monsters.

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