February’s New Moon Will Encourage Every Zodiac Sign To Think Outside The Box

It’s time to embrace your inner genius.

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On Feb. 1, the sun and moon will come together in Aquarius, igniting a new beginning. Aquarius is all about rebelling against outdated ideas, so the potent energy on this day will encourage everyone to think outside the box — something Mercury retrograde has already been nudging you to do.

Here’s what each sign can expect during the February 2022 new moon:

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You’ve been doing some serious re-evaluating among your social circles since Mercury stationed retrograde on Jan. 14. This new moon will offer you a brilliant newfound idea when it comes to how you work with your alliances.

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You’ve been reviewing and revising many of your career endeavors since Mercury stationed retrograde, but the new moon will offer you a much-needed original idea that can refresh any of your work that’s feeling stale. If you’ve been waiting to make a bold move, now’s the time.

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Mercury retrograde’s been challenging you to reconsider your relationship with knowledge, but on Feb. 1, you’ll be met with a fresh new idea in this area. Whether you’ll be inspired to embark on a spiritual or physical journey, you’ll feel much more connected to your original thoughts.

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The new moon will offer you a bright new beginning where you’ve been dealing with some potentially challenging topics. Whether you’ve been re-assessing how much of your energy you’re willing to give to others or dealing with financial matters, you’ll be met with a newfound idea that will allow you to alleviate some stress.

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Your love life has been an area of confusion for you lately as Mercury’s been retrograde, but this new moon is an indicator that you’re leaving something outdated behind to make room for something new and innovative.

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You’ve been re-evaluating your relationship with your work and daily routines amid Mercury retrograde, but soon you’ll be experiencing a positive new chapter to your responsibilities. You prioritize structure, but it may be time to think outside the box, and this new moon is a great way to get started.

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Your romantic and pleasure-seeking endeavors have been under major review since Mercury retrograde began, but the good thing is the new moon will be offering you an innovative new beginning in this area. Now is the time to think about how can you prioritize your pleasure in a way that’s authentic to who you are?

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The new moon will offer up some original ideas for you to consider pertaining to your private world. Your living space needs to be a place that aligns with the core of who you are, and while that has likely been difficult to achieve, you’ll be nudged to make some innovate changes.

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The new moon will offer brilliant new ideas for you to consider. You’ve been doing a lot of thinking about how you want to express what you know, and come Feb. 1, you’ll be feeling more clear about what you want to share with others.

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The new moon will bring new beginnings pertaining to how you manage your money and possessions. You’ve already been brainstorming different ways to better handle your resources amid Mercury retrograde, but on Feb. 1, you’ll finally come to an innovative conclusion.

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You’ve been doing a lot of reflecting amid Mercury rx, but on this new moon, you’ll finally be feeling more aligned with your sense of self. Now is the time to embrace your authenticity.

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Aquarius season is a period of introspection for you. On Feb. 1, you’ll feel refreshed by the time you’ve taken to unplug. Your alone time has given you the opportunity to connect with your subconscious mind more, so your dreams are probably more potent now. Pay close attention to them, because there’s likely an important message you’re meant to receive.

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