The Final Eclipse Of 2021 Marks The End Of An Era

Here’s what that means for your zodiac sign.

The Solar Eclipse In Sagittarius Takes Place On Dec. 4 At 2:43 a.m. ET.

The last eclipse of 2021 is upon us, and it’s serving as a final hurrah in the expansive, optimistic sign of Sagittarius. The solar eclipse on Dec. 4 will exert its energy in every zodiac sign’s birth chart in its own special way. Here’s how each sign can expect the eclipse to affect them:

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The solar eclipse is aligning with your natural assertive, ambitious energy and encouraging you to check in with your belief systems and spiritual endeavors. With Mercury also in the mix, this energy is calling you to share your wisdom and truth with the collective in a very expansive, optimistic way.


Your personal boundaries have been a topic of conversation for some time, but now you’re finally emerging with a fresh new outlook. The solar eclipse on Dec. 4 will offer a powerful new beginning in this area of your life, making it the perfect time to evaluate how far you’ve come pertaining to your relationships.


You’ve been experiencing eclipses along your first and seventh house axis in your birth chart, emphasizing major changes when it comes to your sense of self and your role in your relationship with a romantic partner. On Dec. 4, that energy will highlight a new, exciting approach to your relationships with others. Since Mercury is also involved, expect not only to witness a transformation in your relationships, but for it to deeply affect you on a personal level.


The solar eclipse will help you renew your daily routines. The new practices you implement will ensure that you’re no longer neglecting yourself, and the knowledge you gain will be something that you begin to put to good use. Dec. 4 will be a great day to embrace the exciting changes to come as they pertain to your personal well-being.


Solar eclipses tend to affect you pretty heavily, but since the eclipse is taking place in a fellow fire sign, you’ll likely feel more revitalized than anything else. This is a great time to reflect on any passion projects you’ve been holding on to, and how you can use them to connect with the people around you.


The solar eclipse is highlighting a potential new beginning for you. As someone who likes structure and stability, your inner world has always been a bit more expansive and fluid. Everything in life doesn’t have to be so rigid, and the solar eclipse is inspiring you to embrace the freedom that you find in the space you go to in order to retreat.


On Dec. 4, you’ll notice a powerful new beginning pertaining to how you share your ideas with others, and it’ll be honest, optimistic, and expansive. As someone who’s a bit non-confrontational, this eclipse is nudging you out of your comfort zone and into fully expressing your personal truth. Whether or not it’s well received, your wisdom deserves to be shared with others.


The past few eclipses prompted a lot of changes pertaining to your values and what you own. But the upcoming solar eclipse is offering a powerful new change in direction, emphasizing optimism and expansion when it comes to your money matters. Freeing yourself from the worry or need to control important aspects of your life may be a challenge, but this adaptable eclipse energy will make the transition a lot smoother.


You’ve gone through a lot of changes, and gained a lot of inner wisdom and strength. You’ve likely noticed some changes in romantic relationships as well. This final eclipse is a reminder that you are fully equipped to handle change, growth, and expansion all on your own, but your relationships aren’t something you should neglect altogether.


How you choose to withdraw and prioritize self-care is incredibly important, and the solar eclipse will be a perfect time to evaluate how you’ve been relaxing. Sagittarius energy is expansive and optimistic, and it’s reminding you that the ambition you have can’t be properly executed unless you take time for yourself.


The final solar eclipse of the year will highlight potential new beginnings in your social circles. This could be a great time to form a significant new alliance, or just simply a time to reflect on who you’re currently surrounding yourself with. Either way, it’ll be a day all about how you form connections with others.


There’s likely been a lot of growth for you in your career, and the eclipse on Dec. 4 will further aid in this. Whether you’re seeking a promotion or an overall career change, this eclipse is encouraging you to lean into your idealistic nature and reminding you to dream big.

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