Bella Hadid’s Leg Workout Takes Only 15 Minutes

So, my workout... my workout is Bella Hadid’s.

Work hard, play hard” is the mantra Bella Hadid lives by, and working hard is definitely something she’s known for. When she’s not walking the runway or celebrating her Erewhon smoothie collab, Hadid schedules time in the gym, and TikTok has found her go-to leg workout routine.

This 15-minute leg workout is how Hadid tones her lower body, according to TikToker @amirakhay. It’s so easy that you can do this quick routine at home while waiting for your coffee to brew or watching Netflix.

Squat With Side Leg Lift

Begin your workout by doing squats with leg raises for one minute. To do this, start with your feet shoulder-width apart and bend your knees with your weight in your heels. As you come up and straighten your legs, bring one leg out to the side and back down. Repeat with your leg lift on the other side.



The next move Hadid does is a lunge. Start in a standing position with your legs together and step forward with one leg and bring the opposite knee down. Your knee should not touch the ground. Once you’re there, come back to your standing position and repeat with the opposite leg forward. Do this for one minute, like each of these exercises, and repeat the full workout twice.


Standing Leg Lift

Return to a standing position to do leg lifts for a minute. Begin with your leg left to the front and then to the side. These lifts are meant to work on your abdominal muscles, so it’s like a core routine as well.


Walking Squats

Next, @amirakhay says Hadid does squats moving forward. It’s like a squat walk, but she returns to a standing position each time with her feet shoulder-width apart. Just like the rest of these leg exercises, you want to do the walking squats for about a minute.


Squat Jump

Continuing Hadid’s workout routine, perform squat jumps for one minute. This is where you begin in a traditional squat with legs shoulder-width apart and jump straight up in the air, pushing through your heels. This exercise really works on your lower body, targeting your glutes, quads, and hamstrings.


Tabletop Leg Lift

Get out your yoga mat for this leg exercise, because you’ll need to get into a tabletop position with your arms shoulder-width apart and your legs hip-width apart underneath you. In this position, lift your leg to the side first and then back. Do this for a minute and repeat on the other side. This leg lift will work on not just your legs, but your arms and core as well. So, this is like a Bella Hadid ab workout, full body exercise, and leg routine all in one.


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