BarkBox’s New Stranger Things Toys Include "Beggos" And An Eleven Plush

There’s even a Demodog.

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To celebrate Stranger Things Season 4: Volume 1, dog toy and food subscription program BarkBox announced a new collection of scary-cute dog toys inspired by the hit Netflix series.

BarkBox’s Stranger Things collection, which launched on May 23, is perfect for your dog-friendly viewing party.

If you’re new to the program, you can snag the supernatural box by signing up for a 6-month or 12-month BarkBox subscription on the website for $23 a month.

Each box comes with two toys, two treats, and a chew.

Courtesy of Bark

The Stranger Things collection features seven toys based on some familiar Hawkins happenings to choose from, including an Eleven doll and a Demodog (yup, you read that right).

The new box is available while supplies last, so grab yours before Season 4: Volume 1 drops on May 27.

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Packed with a squeaker, fluff, and even some crinkle for extra excitement, the Demodog, not to be confused with a Demogorgon, is no match for your playful pup.

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The Eleven toy comes out of the jacket completely, which makes it a great choice for dogs that like to chew and tug and their toys.

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Beggo Woofles

Inspired by Eleven’s favorite bite, the Beggo Woofles toy actually features four toys in one, including three squeak-tastic waffle treats and a crinkle-filled container that’s great for storing the waffles or hiding treats.

Courtesy of Bark


Featuring bright orange mesh wings and a fun squeaker, the Demobat is sure to be a stand out option in your dog’s toy collection.

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Dart may not have been a safe pet for Dustin, but the Dart toy is no match for your dog. The amphibian-like toy also comes with a hidden surpise inside — Dart’s favorite snack, a “3 Musky Terriers” bar.

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Steve’s Spiky Bat

Your dogs might not have powers like Eleven, but they can still take on the demons of the Upside Down with Steve’s trusty Spiky Bat.

Courtesy of Bark

Dustin Dress-Pup

Every dog needs a toy that they can also wear. Inspired by Dustin’s signature baseball cap, the Dustin Dress-Pup toy serves as both a great chew toy and a stylish accessory.


Current BarkBox subscribers can get their hands on the out-of-this-world collection just by adding the box to their next delivery via the account dashboard — so snag yours before the disappear into The Upside Down.

Courtesy of Bark

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