Every Zodiac Sign Will Be Wrapping Up Their Summer With A Bang

The fun’s not over just yet.

August promises excitement and spontaneity for every sign as Leo season continues, prompting you to exude courage in your life. Once Virgo season begins on Aug. 22, be ready to buckle down, as your desire for self-expression is channeled into productivity. Here's what to expect:


Your summer's been filled with pleasure with the sun moving through your fifth house of creativity. While this has been a season of reconnecting with your passions, Virgo season will ask that you assess your workload in order to restructure your life.

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You're all about comfort, which Leo season has allowed you to prioritize. However, August is about stepping out of your comfort zone and prioritizing fun. As your chart ruler, Venus, continues through your fifth house, you'll be eager to explore what inspires you.

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You've been filled with opinions lately. As Leo season continues, the spotlight will shine on your fresh ideas. As the end of the month nears, you'll be eager to get some rest as the sun moves into Virgo. Be sure to use this time to recharge your batteries.

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Money and resources have been your top priority lately, but as the month continues, you'll be eager to share your newly developed skills once Virgo season begins. Be sure to utilize the resources you've accrued over the last month to perfect your abilities.

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You're on fire this month, which is pretty on brand since it's still Leo season. The new moon on Aug. 8 will provide you with a surge in energy and enthusiasm, so be sure to soak up the sun. Once Virgo season begins on Aug. 22, you'll be eager for some rest and relaxation.

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Enjoy the peace and quiet that Leo season has brought you, because once chart ruler Mercury moves into Virgo on Aug. 11, you'll be eager to roll up your sleeves and get busy. Your detail-oriented nature thrives during this time of year, so just be sure to pace yourself.

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As the social butterfly of the zodiac, July was filled with fun activities for you. On Aug. 11, the new moon in Leo will prompt warm new beginnings among your friendships. Once Virgo season begins on Aug. 22 though, you’ll feel the need to prioritize rest and relaxation.

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Your career will thrive as Leo season continues, and the hard work you've been putting in will speak for itself on Aug. 8. As the month comes to a close, you'll be eager to invest some time in your community and with friends — you've definitely earned some downtime.

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While Leo season's been all about travel and spirituality, now's the time to bring a newfound outlook to your profession. You're excellent at sharing what you know, and as Mercury moves into your 10th house on Aug. 11, you'll have the perfect outlet to do that.

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Leo season's prompted you to take a close look at your romantic entanglements. On Aug. 8, the new moon in Leo will support you cutting ties with anyone who's not respecting your boundaries. Once Virgo season comes around, you'll be feeling hopeful and optimistic.

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Your romantic life has been full of surprises — and the fun's not over yet. The second full moon in Aquarius, taking place on Aug. 22, will highlight your need to prioritize freedom in your relationships. This could prompt some adjustments, but they're for the better.

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You've been busy at work this Leo season, restructuring your routines. Now that you've got a handle on things, romantic relationships will ask for your attention, as Virgo season will light up your seventh house. How can you go about improving your personal relationships?

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