Every Zodiac Sign Will Feel The Rush Of This Month’s Blue Moon

Here’s how it could affect you, based on your sun and rising sign.

The Full Blue Moon In Aquarius Takes Place On Aug. 22 at 8:01 a.m. ET

Leo season includes not one, but *two* full moons in Aquarius. And the second one is just around the corner, ready to rock your world and help you embrace your inner weirdo. Joining forces with expansive gas giant Jupiter, this full moon is bound to be a big deal. Here's why:


This full moon wants you to find a community that inspires you and welcomes you; a community that makes you feel like you can accomplish anything as long as you work together. There are people out there who share your vision and it's time to bring that vision to life.

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You're ready to dominate your field and prove yourself as the badass you truly are. This full moon is helping you tap into your competitive side and your professional power. Let it help you remember what your career goals are so that you can pour your energy into success.


This full moon is expanding your need for adventure and spontaneity. It wants you to gain new experiences that frighten you at first, but eventually show you how courageous and open-minded you can be. Your growth happens when you take a leap of faith and learn something new.


You're exploring some deep and polarizing truths on this full moon. You may feel ready to let something go; something that has long been holding you back. Transformation is near, but first, you must be willing to say "goodbye" to the past and "hello" to your future.


This full moon is focusing on your relationships and revealing where they stand. You're learning a lot about the people you share your life with and how you can strengthen your partnerships. Allow yourself to become a better partner and find the courage to choose better SOs.

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Take a look at your routines, your work ethic, and your self-care regimens. This full moon is shining a light on your well-being and revealing ways in which you can take better care of yourself and implement more structure into your day-to-day life. Use your energy wisely.

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This full moon is bringing romance, creativity, and color into your life. Allow it to help your inner artist blossom like the brightest flower. Do what makes you happy and forget about rest. Life is way too short to spend it moping when you could be tapping into the magic.

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Your sacred space belongs to you and only you. You deserve an area that brings you comfort; an area where you can let your guard down. This full moon is bringing your attention to your home and your family, revealing what your heart needs in order to feel nurtured and understood.


Speak loud and true. This full moon is encouraging you to use your voice like never before. Communicate your thoughts. Use your intellect. Converse with people who stimulate your mind, because you're learning so much. In fact, your mind is absorbing information like a sponge.

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You're craving stability on this full moon. Allow yourself to become more grounded and centered. Perhaps your idea of stability involves a hefty 401k. Maybe it simply means taking a moment to feel the grass beneath your bare feet. Do what you need in order to feel anchored.

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This full moon is encouraging you to become larger than life. Be yourself and release all inhibition. Forget about what people will think. Stop judging your authenticity. Let go of what you think you should be and embody the person you know you are. This full moon demands it.

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Take a look at your inner world. Withdraw from reality for a moment and instead, explore your subconscious and your dreams. This full moon will reveal what you're truly feeling and shine a light on what you already know. Prepare for healing revelations to bloom within you.


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