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Zach Got Real About All The Women He Kissed On The Bachelor Night 1

Could one of them be his future wife?

Zach Shallcross and the women of 'The Bachelor' Season 27

Zach Shallcross made his debut as the Season 27 Bachelor by locking lips with seven women on his first night, and he totally owned it. “The heart wants what the heart wants” he told ET when asked about all the smooching. Here’s everyone Zach kissed Night One.

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First up was Bailey, whose name Zach forgot the first time they met during “After The Final Rose.” To make up for it, he kissed her right after her entrance, telling ET, “Gotta do what you gotta do.”

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Kaity and Zach bonded over both living in Austin, Texas. “I was living in Austin and she's living [there] and how did we not meet before this? It was pretty surreal to have her there and very sweet,” he said to ET. “It was a great conversation.”

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Christina Mandrell

Christina brought Zach onto a party bus where they shared a kiss... until a bunch of the other women crashed their private moment.

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Zach was nervous the first night, but Greer made him feel “really calm” and took him “out of the weirdness,” as he told ET. Not only did she get a kiss, but she also got the First Impression Rose.

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Then there’s Madison. After a “forced” kiss and an awkward Griddy dance, she left before the first rose ceremony. “You can't force anything and that's how I approached that,” Zach said to ET. “I don't want to waste her time and I don't want to waste anyone else's time.”

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Charity works as a therapist, which also happens to be similar to Zach’s mom’s job. After they bonded over that, Zach asked Charity for a kiss.

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Finally, Zach and Jess shared the last kiss of the night right before the rose ceremony.

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Although Zach kissed a lot of women Night One, the record for the most smooches still belongs to Peter Weber, who kissed 12 women his first night as Bachelor. Zach will have the chance for more kisses, though, as his season of The Bachelor continues Mondays at 8 p.m. ET on ABC.

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