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9 Reasons Joe Amabile And Serena Pitt Are Actually BIP's Best Couple

Grocery Store Joe turned Prince Charming.

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Ready To Fall In Love?

Joe Amabile and Serena Pitt were not a couple anyone was expecting from Paradise — least of all, Joe and Serena. But their chemistry was unstoppable, and, ever since their first solo conversation, sparks have been flying.

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ICYMI, Joe’s stint in Paradise got off to a rocky start when he spent most of his time moping on the beach, earning him the nickname, Loner Joe. It wasn’t until he connected with Serena that he was able to pull himself out of that fog. Before they spoke, he was even considering leaving the show.

On their first date, he told her, “I decided to stay because I do, at the end of this, I do really want to leave in a relationship... The reason I did stay is because I liked you and I thought there could be more.”

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Serena Made Joe Nervous In The Cutest Way

Joe and Serena mastered the art of flirting early on. During date one, Joe admitted he was “a little flustered” during their first conversation.

Serena cut in, “Super flustered and sweaty, yeah... Why do I make you so nervous?” Joe replied, “I don’t know. I can’t control the way that happens. I did start sweating and then thinking about my sweat that — then I got in my head.” Aw!

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Joe Was 100% In Right Away

In a confessional during their date, Joe was clear about how he felt. "I'm 100%, all in on Serena. I could potentially fall in love with her,” he said to the camera, per Entertainment Tonight.

Ugh, I love that instant connection for them.

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They Became Prom King And Queen

During Paradise prom, Joe and Serena were named king and queen — surprising absolutely no one. TBH, even without the crowns and the title, their love story was obviously award-worthy.

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Serena Handled Joe’s Ex With Total Class

When Kendall Long, Joe’s ex-girlfriend, showed up on the beach, it would have been easy (and reality TV-worthy) for Serena to get mad — especially when Kendall returned on proposal day to give Joe and Serena her blessing.

But Serena didn’t. When Joe told her what had happened, she only cared about Joe’s feelings. "I just wanted to make sure he was OK," Serena said, per People. "He seemed completely steady about the whole thing, so I was like, 'OK, you know what? It happened, let's move forward and keep this day about us as much as possible.’”

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Despite Kendall’s sudden appearance, Joe didn’t doubt his decision to propose to Serena at all. Before proposing, he told her, “If anything it just made me more confident in how much I do love you.” No surprise, Serena said yes.

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They Put Logic Aside For ~Love~!

"I think we're both such logical people that this show really works for us because it pushes you to really tap into your feelings and talk about your feelings," Serena told People.

She continued, "And I think that's really how we got here today, was [by] kind of letting the logic part of us chill out a little bit and really just, kind of, following our hearts. And I'm glad we did."

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They already know what’s coming up next. "We're on the same page about where we want to live, how we want to do it," Joe told E!. "[W]e plan on moving in together in the spring. That will either be Chicago, Toronto, or potentially New York."

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Their Biggest Fight Is NBD

Although they’ve technically left Paradise, Joe and Serena’s honeymoon phase is far from over. Apparently, their biggest disagreement has been the least dramatic fight in Bachelor Nation history.

Speaking to Glamour, Joe said, “Serena steals all the covers. I think that's our biggest issue.” (Apparently, Joe snores, too.) Did someone say champagne problems?

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Moral Of The Story?

Joe and Serena are goals, through and through. And even though their romance is just beginning, I’m predicting plenty more roses in their future.

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