Kourtney K's NYFW Show Was Chaotic From Start To Finish

I still can’t believe I had a front row seat to a Kravis makeout sesh. Literally.

I’ve been going to Fashion Week events, on and off, for more than 10 years, so I thought I’d seen it all. But it wasn’t until I attended Kourtney Kardashian’s NYFW show that I realized I was wrong. Very wrong.

Shortly after the Poosh founder and her husband, Travis Barker, arrived, the show began, and it was lights, camera, action — hold the lights. All of the lighting, as well as the music, cut out, leaving the first two models walking a dark and quiet runway, lit by only the audience’s phones and the photographers’ cameras.

The multiple nods to Barker did not go unnoticed, especially by former emo kids such as myself. Not only was blink-182’s “What’s My Age Again?” one of the first songs played, but you could also see the band’s name emblazoned across the front of some tops, with “Hello, there. The angel from my nightmare,” from blink’s “I Miss You,” written across the back.

While there were some intentional free-the-nipple moments, thanks to the sheer clothes in the collection, one model appeared to have an accidental, almost double nip slip. Nevertheless, she stomped the runway like she owned it.

True to form, Kravis sloppily kissed — tongue and all — as soon as the models walked off. And I had a front row seat to it. Yay me.

Once the pair pulled away from each other, there was a moment of silence as everyone looked to Kardashian for the next steps (since the designers usually walk out at the end of runway shows). After some encouragement, she stood up and waved to the clapping crowd, then sat back down. Seconds later, Kravis and co. stood up and walked out. Show officially over.

All in all, it seemed like Kardashian really enjoyed herself, as she excitedly documented her “very own fashion show” on her Instagram Stories throughout the night. Yes, there were some hiccups, but I don’t think anyone could say it wasn’t entertaining.

To learn more about Kourtney Kardashian’s new fashion collection, visit boohoo.com.

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