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8 Trendy Coats Under $100 That’ll Get You Through Winter

Snow, rain, sleet, hail — you’ll conquer the elements in style.

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Having recently walked through my first flurry of snow, let me tell you: You’re going to need a heavy-duty winter coat to get through 2022. However, it should be one that you totally love, since you’ll be wearing it pretty much every day for the coming months. So you need a coat that’s trendy, fits in with your wardrobe, and is something you won’t get sick of. I did the hard work for you, and trust me, once you wrap yourself in one of these winter coats, you’ll never go back.

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Faux Shealring Patchwork Coat

You can be soft, cozy, and stylish in Hollostier’s Shearling Coat ($66, Hollister). The patchwork is super trendy, but because this jacket features all light colors, the rest of your closet will always layer magnificently underneath it.

Plus Black Vinyl Contrast Faux Fur Coat

For a sleek and graphic winter coat, PrettyLittleThing’s Faux Fur Coat ($90, PrettyLittleThing) is waiting for you. The shiny vinyl is ideal for brushing off snow and staying dry while the faux fur lining adds a graphic touch.

Winter Faux Fur Coat

Nothing makes me feel glamorous the way a fur coat does, and you can get your own, like this Winter Faux Fur Coat ($61, Ultamodan) from Ultamodan, for under $100. It runs in sizes small to 5X for the exact fit you love.

Wild Fable Women's Faux Fur Trim Long Jacket

Live out your Penny Lane fantasy with Wild Fable’s Faux-Fur-Trim Jacket ($48, Target). The fur lining trim on this coat screams, “We’re not groupies ... We are Band-Aids.”

ASOS DESIGN Hero Oversized Paneled Puffer Coat with Hood in Blue

Puffers are a necessary winter move. They are as warm as a coat can be and, lately, incredibly trendy. If you want to go for a streetwear vibe for the coming months, a puffer is the coat for you.

Vonda Women Long Sleeve Solid Winter Woolen Pea Coats Jackets Trench Coats

While a coat with a cut crop is a great way to show off your pants, sometimes your legs need a little extra warmth. That’s where Vonda’s Trench ($46, Walmart) comes in. It’s a classic look that never goes out of style, so you can rock this coat year after year.

Leopard Print Coat

There’s nothing worse than the chills sent down your spine by a crisp wind hitting your neck. For extra protection, Cider’s Leopard Print Coat ($39, Cider) features a turtleneck collar to wrap you up nice and cozy.


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