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7 Easy No-Eyeliner Makeup Looks That'll Save You Time In The Morning

Your eyes won't look naked, I promise.

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There’s something about eyeliner that makes it feel like a necessary part of doing your makeup, but it can be such a pain to do. Between trying to get a non-bumpy line, waiting for it to dry, and then trying to match your eyeliner shape on your other lid, it’s too much for anyone to deal with first thing in the morning — or ever. Instead of going through that struggle every day, here are some no-eyeliner eye-makeup looks to keep you feeling ready to face the day.

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One of the easiest and most vibrant options is to paint your lid with one shade of an opaque eyeshadow, preferably pastel. It’s eye-catching, but it’s still delicate enough not to make it seem like you forgot your eyeliner.

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You can get the effect of eyeliner (but with more drama) by using black eyeshadow. Rather than smoke it out entirely, this look packs a full punch with a striking, smudgy black all over the lid and crease.

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For a softer look, you can use a small, angled brush and gently dust eyeshadow along your top and bottom lash lines. Unlike eyeliner, the use of powder is less sharp and won’t show imperfections the way heavy eyeliner does.

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If one color isn’t bold enough for you, you don’t have to play by those rules. Luckily, the watercolor eyeshadow trend doesn’t require you to perfectly place each color. Instead, you can just dab on any selection of shades in any pattern you want and call it iconic.

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A way to add subtle definition to your eyes without eyeliner is to strategically layer tonal shades for a light no-makeup makeup look. Use a slightly darker brown in your crease to create dimension, as well as along the outer corners of your eye to give the effect of eyeliner without the effort.

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A brush of eyeshadow in any color to frame the outer corner of your eye has a unique look to it while still being very subtle. Given that you don’t need to load up the powder, you’ll be able to polish off this look in five minutes or less.

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Bella Hadid is giving off major The Love Witch vibes with her shocking blue eyeshadow. This color-blocked makeup is a total call back to the ‘50s and ‘60s, so you too can take a vintage approach with a strong, blue shadow.

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