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7 Photos Of Cloud Nails That Make This Manicure Seem Irresistible

They’ll have you on cloud nine.


Nail art gets trendier and more complicated every season, but when it comes to the latest fad to take to your hands, you should absolutely try a cloud manicure. The dreamy look is so pretty, yet simple enough for you to pull off from the comfort of your own home.

While painting some clouds on your nails sounds straightforward enough, you’d be surprised to find out there are an array of cloud manicure styles to try out, each more airy than the one before it. For some nail art inspo, add these photos to your mood board. Whether you’re a stratus lover or prefer a cumulus cloud, there’s a perfect sky nail waiting for you.

Foap AB/foap/Getty Images

For a subtle approach, you can go with these robin egg’s blue nails. This manicure keeps the clouds centered on both the ring and middle fingers to create just a touch of sky rather than trying to carry it onto the smaller nails.


Why do just cloud nails when you can cover all versions of the weather on your fingertips? By painting on rain, cloud, and sunshine nails, you have a set ready for whatever the forecast predicts.


Let’s hear it for cirrus clouds. The wispy look is reminiscent of the haziest of summer days and is surprisingly realistic on nails.


Everybody loves an accent nail. Beyond making your life easier by only needing to detail the nail of your choice, it also lets the clouds be the standout of this nail style.


A cloud manicure style that’s absolutely taken over Twitter features this scallop-looking design. By using three colors and focusing the cloud-like bumps to the corner of your nails, it’s an easy style to recreate at home.

What goes better with clouds than a rainbow? Choose any background color you like, paint in your clouds, and then add in a few funky colors for the stars, and boom. You’ve got a vibrant cloud manicure.


The updated French manicure has become a must-try nail trend, and you can make it your own by putting some clouds on the tips of your nails. By leaving the rest of your fingertips bare, it really lets the clouds pop.

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