These 7 Fashion Trends Def Won’t Be Coming With Me Into 2022

Good riddance.

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I think everyone can agree 2021 was a year. With just days to go until 2022, change is in the air. After the countdown, it’s time to get started on those resolutions, and if you’re hoping for a ~trendy~ year, this is the article for you. To really get into 2022, though, some things have to stay firmly in the past. That’s why I’m leaving these 2021 trends behind. Whether they’re being replaced by a new aesthetic or simply were overdone, these fads’ 15 minutes of fashion fame are over.

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After two years of pretty much not leaving the house, loungewear was (obviously) the most popular girl in school in both 2020 and 2021. But now, it’s time to hang up your couch pants and put on something chicer, but equally as cozy: wide-leg pants.

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Muted tones like slate blue or grey lavender are no longer the palette of choice. Lately, fashion aficionados have turned to the vividness of saturated colors. They’re loading up the colors until they look like a ‘90s McDonald’s playground, and I don’t hate it.

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Checkerboard was a fan favorite in 2021 due to its graphic, almost optical illusion look, but things are getting even headier in 2022. Psychedelic prints are going to the max, and the checkerboard just won’t cut it.

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It’s hard to believe after years of appearing on runways and on mannequins, puffy sleeves are actually not going to be No. 1 in 2022. The style, while iconic, has had a long run, but it's time to hang it up.

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This is a sad one, but cottagecore — with all of its whimsical flair — won’t be coming with me to 2022. It’s time to send those prairie dresses and pinafores to the back of the closet.

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Sequins may be decreasing in popularity, but that doesn’t mean 2022 is going to be without shimmer and shine. Taking a turn toward futuristic style, metallics and chrome are going to be the eye-catching fabric you’ll likely gravitate to.

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During a sudden resurgence of the ‘80s aesthetic, windbreakers were everywhere in 2021. However, the athleisure, retro look is being replaced with preppier, dark academia ‘fits instead in 2022.

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