These Choco Taco Dupes Will (Almost) Make You Stop Missing The OG Treat

A choco-taco pancake?!

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ICYMI, Unilever announced it was discontinuing the Choco Taco on July 25, nearly 40 years after the beloved ice cream truck staple was created.

If you’re already missing the nostalgic childhood snack, check out these TK treats like the Choco Taco to keep the memories alive.

Salt & Straw’s Chocolate Tacolate

Salt & Straw is here to save the day, because on Oct. 4, the ice cream company is bringing back its Chocolate Tacolate in honor of National Taco Day. As of July 28, it’s unclear how long it will be available for, but more details will be revealed closer to the relaunch of the tasty taco.

Courtesy of Salt & Straw

Serendipity Golden Taco

Dine like a royal with the Serendipity Golden Taco from Serendipity 3, which features a waffle base, hot chocolate ice cream filling, and a 23K gold edible topping. At $100 per bite, the treat will only be available for one day on Oct. 4, so make sure to secure your reservation ASAP.

IHOP’s Choco-Pancake

IHOP’s Choco-Pancake features all the best parts of a Choco Taco: a crispy golden shell, vanilla ice cream filling, and chocolate sauce. The pancake version of the ice cream treat was available for dine-in service at the IHOP in Tomball, Texas, but may expand to other locations.

Nestle Drumstick Vanilla Ice Cream Cone

If you’re in need of a new ice cream truck go-to, you can’t go wrong with a Drumstick. The sugar cone base is made to look like a classic waffle cone, and the pairing of the chocolate sauce coating and roasted peanuts on top is a solid alternative to the taco treat.


Great Value Chocolate Dipped Vanilla Ice Cream Cones

You don’t need to be near an ice cream truck to pick up a Drumstick, because Walmart’s Great Value Chocolate Dipped Vanilla Ice Cream Cones will do just the trick.

Klondike’s Nuts For Vanilla Cones

The Choco Taco was a Klondike product, so it makes sense why Klondike’s Nuts For Vanilla Cones make for a great substitute. Made with vanilla ice cream, the bite features the same waffle cone base as the Choco Taco, as well as a similar chocolate coating and peanut toppings.

Blue Bunny Mini Swirls Vanilla Cones

If your least favorite part of the Choco Taco was always the nuts, Blue Bunny’s Mini Swirls Vanilla Cones still manage to provide the crunch with the waffle cone base and hard chocolate coating with none of the unwanted nutty flavor.

Kit-Kat Ice Cream Cone

You can’t be too sad about the Choco Taco while enjoying a Kit-Kat, especially in ice cream form. Made with a sugar cone base, a vanilla center with fudge filling, a chocolate sauce coating, and crunchy wafer pieces, this Kit-Kat Ice Cream Cone is a solid alternative.

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