These 15 Instagram-Worthy McDonald's Locations Include A UFO And Teal Arches

Peep me at the ski-through window at Sweden's mountaintop Mickey D's.

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McDonald’s always offers a great bite, but most of the locations look pretty similar: red and yellow signs, golden arches. If you want something unique, though, there are plenty of stores out there that will surprise you. There are Mickey D’s all around the world with outside-of-the-box designs, and you may just want to add these Instagram-worthy McDonald’s locations to your must-see list. After all, nothing goes with a Big Mac like the perfect ‘Gram.

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McDonald’s with Teal Arches (Sedona, Arizona)

The McDonald’s in Sedona opened in 1993, and it’s the only restaurant of the chain with teal arches. The unique shade was ultimately decided upon over the yellow and red colors of the typical logo to avoid the colors distracting from the desert landscape.

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One Arch McDonald’s Locations

McDonald’s locations didn’t always have an m-shaped arch. The golden arches began as a single arch until getting a brand makeover in the late 1960s, but some of the OG locations still exist. There is one you can see in Norwalk, California, among others scattered across the country.

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White Arch McDonald’s on Paris’ Champs-Élysées

Another rare sight, the Champs-Élysées McDonald’s features white arches in order to blend in with the rest of the sights on the historic avenue in Paris, France. Viva la France!

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UFO McDonald’s (Roswell, New Mexico)

You can’t mention Roswell without the aliens, and so, McDonald’s opted to design its location in the New Mexico city as a literal UFO. The outside and inside feature nods to aliens, so you’ll feel transported.

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Las Vegas Strip McDonald’s (Las Vegas, Nevada)

If you’re looking for a bite in Vegas, the McDonald’s on the strip is next to the Miracle Mile Shops at Planet Hollywood, and features a giant golden arch complete with Vegas-style neon lights.

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Mansion McDonald’s (Freeport, Maine)

The Mansion Mickey D’s in Freeport, Main was originally built as the Gore House in 1850 before becoming a McDonald’s in 1984. And yes, it serves lobster.

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Denton House McDonald’s (New Hyde Park, New York)

Denton House was built in 1926 and McDonald’s restored the building in Long Island to reflect its roaring ‘20s history.

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Colonial McDonald’s (Independence, Ohio)

This colonial-style McDonald’s features classical columns, colonial decor, and chandeliers. It might be one of the fanciest Mickey D’s you’ll ever step foot in.


McSki (Lindvallen, Sweden)

You can literally ski through this McDonald’s. It features a ski-thru window for those looking for a bite after a long day on the slopes.

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McDonald’s Next in Hong Kong

This Mickey D’s location in Hong Kong features a gourmet menu with items like create-your-own burgers and a salad bar.


Airplane McDonald’s (Taupo, New Zealand)

This McDonald’s has a dining room inside of a literal airplane. It’s a decommissioned Douglas DC-3 plane and fits 20 people at 10 tables. Your ‘Gram from the Mickey D’s plane will definitely rack up the likes.

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Art Deco McDonald’s (Melbourne, Victoria, Australia)

This McDonald’s in the Melbourne suburb of Clifton Hill of Australia still has the recognizable golden arches, but the exterior is one of the most unique buildings to house a Mickey D’s.

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McDonald’s Global Headquarters (Chicago, Illinois)

Although you won’t be able to see the entire headquarters, you can venture into the McDonald’s restaurant inside to experience different menu items from around the globe.

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McDonald’s Hangzhou China

The Hangzhou McDonald’s is in a historic building. The villa’s exterior makes for the perfect shot if you’re traveling through and grabbing a bite.

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McDonald’s International Drive (Sand Lake Road, Orlando, Florida)

This Mickey D’s features unique menu options like pizza, pasta, and omelets, but the exterior and interior might make your experience. It houses a huge playhouse, arcade games, and prides itself as the “biggest entertainment” McDonald’s around.

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