Aldi Launched A $25 Always Pan Dupe That’s $120 Cheaper Than The OG

Those colors are so pretty, too!

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Our Place’s Always Pan is known as a must-have. Soon, Aldi shoppers can buy a similar pan for a fraction of the price. Crofton’s Awesome Pan lands in Aldi stores Jan. 19, and it looks like a total dupe for the Amazing Pan.

The Aldi Find isn’t being marketed by the company as a dupe, but the similarities are hard to ignore.

From pastel colors to non-stick capabilities, here’s how the Awesome Pan stacks up to the Always Pan.

Courtesy of Aldi

Design & Materials

Always Pan and Awesome Pan: nontoxic, nonstick; made without PFOA or PTFE; aluminum body for equal heat distribution; modular lid design.

Always Pan: Made with an “exclusive non-toxic, nonstick ceramic coating,” per the Our Place website.

Awesome Pan: Made with a Fusion Ti nonstick coating.

Courtesy of Aldi

Size & Capacity:

Always Pan: 10-inch diameter; 2.7-inches deep; 2.6-quart capacity.

Awesome Pan: 10.25-inch diameter; 2.6-inches deep; 3.5-quart capacity.

Courtesy of Aldi

Awesome Pan Features:

The Awesome Pan has a long-lasting aluminum lid; uses a Fusion Ti nonstick coating for easy food removal; and it has a stay-cool handle (made from Bakelite).

Always Pan Only Features:

Missing from the Awesome Pan are pour spouts, the Beechwood spatula, nesting steamer basket and colander, and built-in spoon rest that come with the Always Pan.


Always Pan: Comes in 10 colors: Steam, Spice, Sage, Heat, Blue Salt, Blanch, Char, Terracotta, Zest, and Lavender.

Awesome Pan: Comes in three colors: Dusty Blue (similar to Blue Salt), Matte Black (similar to Char), and Beige (similar to Steam).

Courtesy of Aldi

Stovetop Compatibility:

Always Pan and Awesome Pan: compatible with gas, electric, glass ceramic, halogen and induction cooktops.


The Always Pan costs $145.

The Awesome Pan costs $24.99 ($120 cheaper than Always Pan.)

Online & In-Store Availability:

Always Pan: only available online.

Awesome Pan: available for at Aldi stores nationwide for a limited time beginning Jan. 19. Online availability (via Instacart) will vary by location.


The Always Pan has add-ons and features, like pour spouts, not on the Awesome Pan as well as a larger color selection.

With similar materials and colors that match up to the Always Pan, Aldi’s new $25 Awesome Pan is likely a great buy if you want to try a version of the IG-famous cookware for a fraction of the price.

Courtesy of Aldi

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