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If You’re 1 Of These 4 Zodiac Signs, You Definitely Burn For Bridgerton

Can’t talk, marathon-watching Bridgerton all weekend.

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For those of you who’ve watched Bridgerton, it was probably hard not to become obsessed with the show. However, there are only a select few who say they absolutely *burn* for it. If you’re one of them, then I’m willing to bet you fall under one of the following zodiac signs:

Why Gemini Is Most Likely To Watch Bridgerton

You’re the biggest fan of gossip, and this show definitely won’t leave you hanging, because it’s jam-packed with tea. (Thank you, Lady Whistledown!) Communication is one of your strongest qualities, and it’s also something that Bridgerton heavily revolves around.

While Season 1 left some major cliffhangers, Season 2 is sure to answer many of your questions. You’re always quick to ask why, and the good thing is Season 2 is here to give you all the answers you’re looking for.

Why Cancer Is Most Likely To Watch Bridgerton

As the nostalgic, sentimental sign of the zodiac, you’ll love a show based solely around family and their love for one another, as well as the fact that this show is set in the Regency era. Being ruled by the queen of the sky (the moon), you’ll also enjoy the royal-ness of this historic drama.

You’re quick to defend and protect the ones you love, especially your blood. In this series, family is everything, and many of the characters are often seen doing things to keep their family’s secrets safe, something you can easily relate to.

Why Leo Is Most Likely To Watch Bridgerton

As the sun-ruled sign of the zodiac, it comes as no surprise that you’d be intrigued by the rich and elite families in this series. The sun is considered to be the royal luminary, and no one can deny your ability to shine, making it pretty easy for you to connect to many of the characters in Bridgerton.

As a sign that’s all about looking good, you love the expensive gowns and jewelry present in this series, not to mention the hairstyles. If there’s any show that’s right up your alley, it’s definitely this one.

Why Libra Is Most Likely To Watch Bridgerton

Your interest in romance and connection will be fulfilled in this series, as it primarily centers around love, intimacy, and marriage. The ups and downs of the union between Daphne and Simon during Season 1 were a bit chaotic at times, but you’re all for a good plot twist.

Season 2 focuses on a different couple, so that’s sure to keep you interested. You tend to prefer change, and this upcoming season is sure to quench your thirst for new love, as well as new secrets.


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