These 4 Zodiac Signs May Cry On New Year’s Eve, So Hand Them A Tissue

Fireworks? More like waterworks.

The astrology on New Year’s Eve 2021 is intense.

If you're a mutable sign, you're feeling it the most. As you celebrate the passing of time, New Year's Eve can make you feel emotional. You may feel nostalgic as you reminisce on the good times, but the experience can also feel bittersweet as you remember the hard times too.


On NYE, a waning crescent moon in Sagittarius will join forces with passionate Mars, increasing the emotional temperature. This can make you feel more reactive, because Mars has a tendency to make everything feel more intense and impulsive. Here's how mutable signs are taking it:

Here’s Why Gemini Is Most Likely To Cry On NYE:

On NYE, the moon will move through your relationship sector, bringing you closer to your lovers and friends. However, heightened emotions could intensify the passion in the room, which could lead to spilled tears if the conversation gets overly sentimental (or even combative).

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Venus will also be retrograding through your intimate eighth house, bringing up the way you share your heart with others on a deep and personal level. Because Venus is still connecting with Pluto, it could also bring up some deep-seated emotions that make your eyes well up.

Here’s Why Virgo Is Most Likely To Cry On NYE:

The moon will move through your fourth house of home and comfort on NYE, which may make you feel like staying in for a cozy night more than going out. The sensitivity in your heart could make you feel extra sentimental, bringing out the waterworks and emphasizing your feelings.

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Because Venus is also retrograding through your passionate fifth house as it blends with Pluto, you may feel drawn to reconnect with your creativity. You may even find old romantic feelings resurfacing, and if those feelings are complicated, you may feel even more overwhelmed.

Here’s Why Sagittarius Is Most Likely To Cry On NYE:

On NYE, the Sagittarius moon will join with Mars, bringing out your emotions, but also your willingness to fight for what you care about. When you care about something deeply and it's not giving you the desired outcome, there's a chance it could lead to some strong emotions.

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The instinct to indulge and overspend may be intense on NYE as well. Venus is still retrograding through your luxurious second house, and as it joins forces with Pluto, it could encourage you to solve problems through money and material things. Remember — you are enough.

Here’s Why Pisces Is Most Likely To Cry On NYE:

Because the moon is moving over your 10th house of reputation on NYE, you may be revealing something personal; something emotional that hits close to home. However, be careful of what you let others see, and make sure you know you're ready for the world to know how you feel.

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When it comes to your social life, the vibes may feel a bit off. Venus is retrograding through your 11th house of community, and as it joins forces with Pluto, you may feel like the tension is real. But if you're with the right people, you might feel pulled even closer to them.

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