There's A Perfect Meme For Each Zodiac Sign

Which one complements you best?

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You love any opportunity to show off and you'll make any activity a competitive one. That's why you totally relate to this SpongeBob meme. If you know the words to a song, everybody in the car is going to hear you sing your heart out.


Anyone who knows you knows you love to relax. Why exert yourself when you could chill out instead? You know this ridiculous meme about a onesie that literally comes with its own seat speaks directly to your soul.


Your mind is constantly racing, you can barely keep up with your own thoughts. That's why this meme about all the various crimes you're currently researching could not possibly be a more accurate display of what goes on in your brain.


You know you'd like to avoid awkward interactions as much as possible. I bet you wish you could hide from your parents’ friends in the folds of your couch, just like this flexible cat can.


You love dressing to the nines. After all, you're a Leo and you know you love all the attention. However, sometimes that attention also makes you feel like Family Guy’s Peter Griffin standing on the sidewalk while wearing fishnet tights.


You can be kind of nit-picky sometimes. It's not your fault you’re so detail-oriented and observant. However, this quality of yours can translate to some five-star criticism. You'd legit come back from the dead just to complain about one more thing.


You know you hate conflict. You'd much rather keep the peace than start a fight. But that doesn't mean you don't daydream about telling someone off. In fact, you can be totally fearsome... in your imagination.


You crave intimacy, but you simultaneously fear it. Sorry to air out all your dirty laundry, but you know you have a tendency to put up a prickly front. And hey, no one can blame you. It takes a lot to earn your trust.


You're the queen of putting your foot in your mouth. And you know what? You're not sorry for it. You love spicing things up with a little drama. You may not be one of the Sanderson sisters, but you'll definitely take any opportunity to stir the pot.


No one can deny that you're goal-oriented. It's just that you also have a tendency to postpone your happiness until you reach said goal. So how ancient will you be by the time you actually check everything off your to-do list?


You come across as an extrovert who's friends with everyone. But deep down, you know you're really a lone wolf. You're familiar with the feeling of regret after you’ve led someone on a little too much.


People might think you're always filled with zen and relaxation, but you're usually carrying a belly full of anxiety wherever you go. However, you're also a master at making sure no one knows how anxious you truly are.

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