Here’s How The 2022 Winter Solstice Will Affect Your Zodiac Sign

Capricorn season is now in session.

by Valerie Mesa
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On Dec. 21 at 4:48 p.m. EST, the sun will enter Capricorn, marking the first day of winter in the Northern Hemisphere. This is not only a time of self-reflection, but also a season to channel your ambitions and focus on your longterm goals.


Reach for the stars, Aries. If you’ve got a lot on your mind today, take a moment to gather your thoughts. You could be in two minds about a particular situation, or perhaps seeking validation from your inner circle, but only you know what’s best for you.

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You’ve got places to be and people to see, Taurus. Whether it be a study abroad program you’ve recently signed up for, or an impromptu adventure just because, you’re feeling the urge to venture into the unknown.

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You’re finally realizing what it is you truly want, Gemini. You’re as passionate as ever with Mars in your sign, but your desire to merge with another mind, body and soul is at an all-time high. You’re also more empathic with your peers at this time.

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Missing someone? If you’ve been keeping to yourself, or simply choosing to catch up on work, you could start to feel somewhat nostalgic at this time, namely when it pertains to those you hold dear to your heart. Be it a love interest or your BFF, it’s time for a reunion.

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You love being surrounded by loved ones, but your heart of gold is craving some bonding time with your furry friends, Leo. A brisk walk at the park will do, but you’re laying low and doing you. You’re also taking a closer look at your daily rituals and devotions today.

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Falling for your special someone? You’re a big fan of minimalism and “less is more,” but when it comes to matters of love and romance, you’ll always choose traditional courtship above all else. There’s nothing wrong with taking your time and getting to know each other.

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Taking out some holiday decor for your home sweet home, Libra? You know a thing or two about the game of chic aesthetics, but you may be opting for something a little more eclectic this year. Spending more time at home and connecting with relatives at a distance is inspiring you, and life is good.

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There’s so much to be grateful for, Scorpio. You’re recognizing the value in quality time and face-to-face interactions, as opposed to FaceTime. What’s more, hearing the opinions of your peers and immediate surroundings is putting things into perspective.

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A job well done gives you all the more reason to celebrate, indulge and live your best life, Sagittarius. If you’re not calling your best pals to meet for happy hour, then you’re likely enjoying a nice dinner for two. Prioritize some well-deserved R&R.

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Happy birthday, Capricorn. Your solar season has arrived... and it’s no coincidence the winter looks so good on you. If you’re in two minds about tending to your tedious to-do list versus kicking back and taking some time for yourself, I hope you choose yourself.

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Wrap it up, turn the page and start again, Aquarius. You could be craving novelty when it pertains to your hobbies, passion projects, and friendship groups, but by that same token, you may be choosing to partake in some deep introspection.

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Everyone wants to be around you, Pisces. Many of you are making new connections in the workplace, and the newness of it all is really refreshing. Maybe you relocated for a professional project, or are in the process of getting to know a new group of friends. If it intuitively feels right, then it’s worth your time.

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