10 Unique Summer Fitness Activities You Can Do In Your Own Backyard

Your TikTok dance skills will come in handy.

Summer calls for doing anything and everything outside, including working out. These unique summer fitness activities embrace the warm weather, endless sunshine, and beauty of your backyard — and the undeniable joy of running through sprinklers with your best friends.

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Have A Hopscotch Race

As a child, you may have drawn out hopscotch squares on the pavement at recess and hopped through the chalk obstacles with ease. Reclaim your hopscotch crown by drawing complex paths on your driveway or patio. Start a timer at the beginning of each race to compete with yourself.

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Bounce On A Mini Trampoline

Mini trampolines are the perfect size for one person, and can be easily stashed away when you're not working out. Snag one for yourself, put on your favorite workout 'fit, and bounce while listening to an upbeat playlist.

Do A Yoga Flow To Ocean Sounds

Even if you don't live close to the ocean, you can enjoy ocean sounds while you work out. Line up your favorites on Apple Music, Spotify, or YouTube, and practice yoga while you listen to the waves crash and sizzle back into the sea. You'll walk away feeling so rejuvenated.

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Run Sprints Through A Sprinkler

Running sprints can be tough work. However, if you set up a sprinkler in your backyard and zoom through the waves of water, this type of workout will likely feel exhilarating and rewarding. Be sure to wear clothes that can get wet, and shoes with good traction.

Try The #FloorIsLavaChallenge On TikTok

The #FloorIsLavaChallenge on TikTok is not your average dance challenge. It’s quite the workout, since you have to jump along to the “original sound - caps__life” audio clip, and pose in the air. Try it out for yourself, film it, then challenge your BFFs.

Play KanJam With Your Besties

If your group of friends is fully vaccinated, per the Center for Disease Control and Prevention's (CDC) guidance, you can set up a game of KanJam in your backyard. Start by spreading out the cans and splitting into teams. Get ready to throw the frisbee and score points.

Kick A Soccer Ball At A Rebounder

Pull out the dusty rebounder in your garage, or buy one from Amazon or Dick's Sporting Goods, for this activity that'll get your feet moving and grooving. It's quite simple, actually — gently kick a soccer ball at the rebounder. Keep the rally going, stopping for sips of water and stretching.

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Create A Water Balloon Obstacle Course

On the hottest days of summer, get your workout in with a water balloon obstacle course. Set up different stations like tossing a water balloon into a bucket, knocking down a tower of cups, or juggling three at a time. How fast can you tackle each task? That's up to you.

Set Up A Giant Game Of Cup Pong

For this activity, gather six buckets for each player and tennis balls. Put the buckets in a pyramid-like arrangement, and take turns tossing balls at the opposing player's pyramid. If the ball lands in a bucket, it's removed. The object is to eliminate all of the buckets.

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Challenge Yourself To A Badminton Rally

You only need a badminton racket and birdie to challenge yourself to this activity. Essentially, the goal is to see how many times you can bounce the birdie in the air in a row. It takes determination, focus, and a willingness to stretch out your racket at a moment's notice.

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