How To Decorate Your Dorm Like The Sex Lives of College Girls

The show’s production designer gives her recs for a stylish and cozy space.


Behind a fun TV set is a production designer that sets the scene. For The Sex Lives of College Girls Season 2, you have Angelique Clark to thank for every twinkle light, throw pillow, and knick knack that embodies each of the characters’ dorms.

HBO Max / Sex Lives of College Girls

Wanting to switch things up in your dorm in time for spring semester? Clark is here to help with some major inspo she found when curating the spaces of Essex College’s four favorite freshmen.

HBO Max / Sex Lives of College Girls

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“Kimberly, I would say, is much more straightforward and more academic,” Clark said. “Also, we can't forget about the socioeconomics of where [Kimberly is] at as well.”

HBO Max / Sex Lives of College Girls
An Expansive Tapestry

Given Kimberly’s activist spirit, Clark took a slightly boho-Americana, climate-conscious angle with her decor. She noted a tapestry can do a lot of legwork when it comes to decorating bland dorm walls.

A Macrame Photo Gallery

For the production designer, budget shouldn’t stop you from having a cute room. “If a college student wants a frame gallery wall, but feels like they don’t have the budget, go to the 99-cent store and grab a bunch of different size frames [or this cute macrame photo hanger].”



In a surprise to no one, “Bela’s the wild child,” Clark said. “It's always fun to just be like, ‘Oh, this is random and wild and fluorescent. Let's throw that into her color story.’”

HBO Max / Sex Lives of College Girls
A Sweet Pick

“I found these cherry disco balls and was like, ‘Oh my gosh, this is $500 — let's find the cheap version of that,’” Clark recalled. The solution? This sweet pick for just under $20.

A Saucy Wall Hook

To play into Bela’s spunky, empowered, and sex-positive character, production landed on accessories like this, eh-hem, PAIR of hooks. Clark noted, “Anything goes for her character in terms of decor.”



Everyone’s favorite New York prima donna is “of course, bougie,” Clark said. As her character continues to come into her own, her space seems to ground her in her most genuine self.

HBO Max / Sex Lives of College Girls
A Fancy Mini-Fridge

If Leighton has to own a functional item, it has to be equally as fabulous. This mini-fridge screams Hollywood Regency. Clark adds, “If there was any style for Leighton, that would be the one for her.”

A Monogrammed Mug
Kate Spade New York

“Mid-season, we introduced some monogram pillows and other [initialled] items to Leighton’s space,” said Clark. This monogrammed mug from Kate Spade would be an essential for the preppy NYC native.



As Whitney turns from soccer star to bio nerd in Season 2, the production team was keen to bolster her story. “Whitney is kind of the sporty one,” Clark said. “But as the season progresses, we were always layering in things that we felt were appropriate [to her story arc].”

HBO Max / Sex Lives of College Girls
A Trendy Neon Sign

Whitney’s design taste reflects trending and classic dorm decor alike. “Lighting is just so underrated,” noted Clark. “Even just these little neon lights or sparkly lights, I feel like that always just makes everything look so pretty.”

A Cozy Blanket

“When I think of a dorm room, I want to make sure that it's feeling comfortable and cozy,” Clark said. She suggests a few throw pillows or a furry blanket like this one to really tie your room together.


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