Pottery Barn Teen’s New Harry Potter Collection Is So Magical

The ‘Gram-worthy decor finds start at just $36.

Muggles, it’s time to give your room the magical makeover it deserves. The new Pottery Barn Teen Harry Potter collection has everything you need to turn your bedroom or dorm room into a Hogwarts common room. Plus, decor items like phone stands and cauldron planters will effortlessly spruce up your WFH desk.

While this new 2021 Harry Potter collection may be from Pottery Barn Teen, it’s ideal for Wizarding World fans of all ages with unique pieces like Nagini lamps and Hedwig mirrors ranging from $36 to $349.

Just in time for the 20th anniversary of the first film’s release on Nov. 16, check out some of the most magical pieces from the Pottery Barn Teen Harry Potter collection.

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Harry Potter™ Scented Candles
Potter Barn Teen

Everyone loves a good scented candle, which makes these Harry Potter Hogwarts house candles a must. Since you’ve already been sorted into either Gryffindor, Slytherin, Ravenclaw, or Hufflepuff, you’ll know just which candle to get yourself.

Harry Potter™ Cauldron Planter
Pottery Barn Teen

Plant parents and herbology-lovers will be delighted to see this cauldron planter in the collection. This is great for everything from gillyweed to mandrakes.

Harry Potter™ Nagini™ Table Lamp
Pottery Barn Teen

If you find yourself meddling with the Dark Arts, this Nagini lamp will slither in nicely with the rest of your decor. The golden lamp of Lord Voldemort’s loyal serpent will add light to your desk or bedside table.

Harry Potter™ Recycled Sparkle Faux-Fur Throw
Pottery Barn Teen

An easy was to add a bit of Harry Potter to your home is with a throw blanket you can toss on your bed or couch. This sparkly throw can even keep you warm as you rewatch all the Harry Potter films for the 20th anniversary. Plus, there are matching throw pillow covers ($36) as well.

Harry Potter™ Mirror of Erised™ With Hooks
Pottery Barn Teen

If your deepest desire is to own the Mirror of Erised, now is your chance. This replica mirror not only looks like the one from Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone, but it also has three iron hooks for hanging up your bags and Hogwarts robes.

Harry Potter™ Platform 9 3/4™ Magnet Board
Pottery Barn Teen

This Platform 9 3/4 board is magnetic and comes with five magnets for you to use, meaning you can easily hang up your pictures, Hogwarts letters, and even movie ticket stubs from when you first saw the Harry Potter films in theaters.

Harry Potter™ House Oxford Pennants
Pottery Barn Teen

If you’re just looking for some wall decor, these Hogwarts Oxford pennants are super cute. They’re great for showing off your house pride, and will really make your dorm or bedroom look like a Hogwarts common room.

Harry Potter™ Hogwarts™ Phone/Tablet Stand
Pottery Barn Teen

Another easy way to add some subtle Harry Potter decor to your home is with this Hogwarts phone stand. It’s perfect for your tablet or setting up your phone on your WFH desk.

Harry Potter™ Hogwarts™ Castle Light Up Wall Decor
Pottery Barn Teen

With this light-up wall decor, Hogwarts really will “always be there to welcome you home.” The silhouette of Hogwarts Castle is gorgeous, and comes with LED backlights. They even change colors and put on a show like the Hogwarts Castle at the Wizarding World of Harry Potter.

Harry Potter™ Hedwig™ Round Mirror
Pottery Barn Teen

Just like Hedwig was always there for Harry in the series, this Hedwig mirror from the collection will also be there for you when you need to check your ‘fit or do your makeup. Just think of the adorable mirror selfies you could capture with this round mirror featuring a golden Hedwig on top.

Harry Potter™ Hedwig™ Pencil Cup
Pottery Barn Teen

Not only is this Harry Potter collection Hedwig pencil case great for your WFH desk, but it can also be used for your makeup brushes or as a planter.

Harry Potter™ Gold Hedwig™ Garland
Pottery Barn Teen

You may not have received your Hogwarts letter via owl, but you can hang up the letters you do get with this Hedwig garland. This gorgeous gold garland comes with six magnetic Hogwarts envelope clips that you can use to hang postcards, photos, and other keepsakes.


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