Valentine’s Day May Be Over, But Love Is Very Much Still In The Air

There’s one day in March that’ll be particularly romantic for every sign.

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On March 6, Venus and Mars will be forming a conjunction in Aquarius, intensifying pleasure and desire in a way that’s innovative, intellectual, and communicative for every zodiac sign. Here’s how you will personally be affected by this passionate transit:


On March 6, the cosmos will add a sense of intensity and passion to your connections through shared collective ideas. Today is the perfect day to share your thoughts — just be mindful of how you share them. You’ll definitely be feeling more fired up today.

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How you relate and connect to your work will be intensified on March 6. This is a great day to pitch some unconventional ideas to your colleagues, or embark on a new project altogether. You can definitely trust that your creative juices will be flowing today.

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Your relationship with your current belief systems will intensify on March 6, allowing you to successfully absorb newfound knowledge. Your relationship with broadening your horizons will definitely be strengthened, so it could also be a great day to take a trip, or dive into a new study.

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On March 6, your need for connection with another person will be amplified. Though the cosmos may be good for deepening a bond, they may also mean that you’re operating solely from a place of passion, and not logic. Be sure not to make any hasty decisions, especially when it comes to merging finances or resources.

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You desire connection in your love life. If you’re currently seeing someone, March 6 will be a day when the relationship will feel incredibly passionate. If you’re not seeing anyone, it could be the day you meet someone new. Either way, your connections are bound to be spicy.

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The astrology on March 6 will prompt you to innovate your daily work and routines in a way that’s passionate and energetic. This is a day when you’ll likely be able to get a lot done, and feel good overall about the work you’re able to complete. Just be sure not to push yourself too hard, because you should still enjoy yourself.

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March 6 will be an excellent day to enjoy the company of your SO, or create something fresh and exciting. No matter what you choose to do, you’ll really feel in your element.

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Your relationship to your home, family, or roommates will intensify on March 6. You’ll feel an intense need to stay home and withdraw from the public world, with a loved one by your side.

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Your need to connect with others through shared thoughts and ideas will be amplified on March 6. You’ve been feeling passionate about your beliefs. While this is a good day to share them, be mindful of how you’re communicating, because your words will likely pack a serious punch.

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Your relationship to your finances and possessions will intensify on March 6, prompting you to possibly spend a bit more than usual. Though you deserve to treat yourself, be mindful of how you’re using your resources. You don’t want to regret your purchases later.

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On March 6, you’ll feel inclined to share your unique thoughts, opinions, and ideas with everyone as a way of forming new connections. And you know what? It’s bound to work in your favor, so spread the joy.

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On March 6, your desire for withdrawal and privacy will be at an all-time high. While you’ll be the need to lean into your alone time, you’ll find plenty of pleasure and passion comes from prioritizing yourself and your mental health.

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