The Last-Minute Halloween 2022 Costume For Your Zodiac Sign

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If you’re stumped on how you’re going to slay at the parties leading up to Oct. 31, we’ve got you covered with the last-minute Halloween 2022 costume that match your zodiac sign.

Aries: A Devil

Any Aries would make the perfect darling devil on Halloween costume. It is an intense fire sign, after all.

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Taurus: A Vampire

Taureans are known to be homebodies who love to sink their teeth into something sweet. It’s time to enter your charming vampire era.

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Gemini: A Scary Clown

Geminis are the clowns of the zodiac. A scary clown costume will illustrate Gemini’s natural duality this Halloween.

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Cancer: Catwoman

Cancer is is on their “vigilante sh*t” because there’s no end to how far their compassionate nature goes. They’re highly protective with a hunger for vengeance à la Catwoman.

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Leo: An Iconic Album Cover

You’re a star, Leo — so why not dress up as one? Whether you go for a super recognizable album cover like Olivia Rodrigo’s Sour, or carry around a lighter to recreate Taylor Swift’s Midnights, you’ll just need a few common items to get into character.

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Virgo: The Cheetah Girls

Virgos have a keen eye for detail, and will happily orchestrate coordinating ‘fits for their besties to slay in. The Cheetah Girls make for an easy solo or group costume to throw together.

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Libra: A Witch

A witch costume is a classic for a reason: It’s so quick to pull together and everyone can pull it off. Libras should go witchy this Halloween for their natural charm and affinity for spiritual harmony.

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Scorpio: Corpse Bride

Halloween is a major part of Scorpio season, so the moody water sign better show up spooky to the costume party. Enter, Tim Burton’s Corpse Bride.

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Sagittarius: A Sheet Ghost

Sagittarius is always in the mood to make the whole room laugh. Showing up as a classic sheet ghost would make for an iconic and hilarious entrance.

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Capricorn: 001 From Stranger Things

Capricorns prefer to be in control of their own destiny and always have a five-year plan. Sounds a bit like the cold and strategic 001 or Henry from Stranger Things 4, does it not?


Aquarius: Your Favorite Candy

Aquarians are independent, clever, and have clear-cut opinions on the things that matter to them — including candy. Lollipops, M&M’s, Hershey’s Kisses, whatever your fave treat is will make a sweet costume.

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Pisces: ‘80s Barbie

Did you know that Barbie is a Pisces sun? (The doll was released on March 9, 1959). It’s so fitting because Barbie dreams big and is a friend to all, just like amiable Pisces.

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