This Month’s New Moon Will Affect Every Sign In So Many Exciting Ways

Allow us to introduce you to your next chapter.

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Aries: You’re Experiencing New Beginnings

As the go-getter of the zodiac, the new moon in Cancer on July 9 is about directing your energy toward your private matters. You tend to underestimate the importance of a stable home base, but it’s a necessity.

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Taurus: Your Communication Style Is Being Enhanced

You tend to take a slower approach in sharing your opinions, but on July 9, you’ll feel inclined to share your ideas in an intuitive way. Don’t be shy, the people in your immediate environment want to hear what you have to say.

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Gemini: Your Finances Are Getting A Well-Deserved Boost

Your second house of money and possessions will be emphasized in the best possible way, sparking new beginnings. While the eclipses may have wiped your slates, the abundant financial changes that are coming are here to stay.

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Cancer: You’re Experiencing Personal Transformations

Your season is here, and the ruler of your sign is traveling through your first house, accompanied by the sun. You’re experiencing a lot of personal growth, so be sure to double down on your self-love practices.

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Leo: The Inner Work You’ve Been Doing Will Be Emphasized

You’ve had your hands full dealing with relationship dynamics, but the new moon in Cancer is all about you. It’s time to put yourself first in the best way possible. Be sure to get plenty of rest on this day.

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Virgo: Your Friendships Are Being Renewed

Cancer season is prompting you to step out of your comfort zone and spread your social butterfly wings. July 9 will be a great day to call up an old friend you’ve lost touch with. You deserve to make wholesome connections with others.

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Libra: Your Career Endeavors Are Getting A Nudge

Expect some well-deserved growth opportunities pertaining to your career. You’re all about seeking emotional comfort in your profession, so be sure to go with your gut if any important vocation-oriented decisions come up.

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Scorpio: Your New Spiritual Endeavors Are Beginning To Bloom

You’ll feel inclined to prioritize your spiritual journey. This is the time to take that plunge and sign up for that doula course or yoga retreat. Your spiritual outlet deserves a voice.

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Sagittarius: You're Setting Boundaries

You’re willing to share everything with the people around you, which isn’t always the best thing. On July 9, you’ll likely be reevaluating what you want to share with overs versus what you want to keep for yourself.

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Capricorn: Your Relationships Are Getting A Fresh Start

You could meet someone new during, or your current relationship may experience a shift. Cancer season is a time to devote energy toward your romantic connections, so make sure you’re nurturing them.

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Aquarius: Taking Care Of Your Body Is At The Top Of Your To-Do List

This new moon is highlighting your daily routines and self-care methods. Check in with your body to see what it needs. You’ve been on the go lately, so it may be time to reevaluate your priorities.

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Pisces: Your Creative Endeavors Are Being Revitalized

On July 9, the new moon will double down on your desire to express your creativity. This is a great day to launch an exciting new project or endeavor, so be sure to utilize this intuitive energy.

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