Here's The Day You're Most Likely To Find Love In July, Based On Your Sign

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by Valerie Mesa
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Just when you thought Cancer season couldn’t be more tender and soft-hearted, the stars will have the world in their feelings on July 17. The sun and Mercury will meet with boundless Neptune — a planet that is symbolic of unconditional love — softening our hearts and exchanges. Seductive Venus will debut Cancer on the same day, urging us to follow our intuition and nurture those who are dear to our hearts, making it the most romantic day of July 2022 for every zodiac sign.


It’s a great day for laying low, and spending time at home. And if you’ve got that special someone by your side, here’s to making sweet memories in your cozy humble abode.

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Take a trip somewhere, and remember to take lots of photographs. These serendipitous events feel almost too good to be true, and you’ll want to be as present as possible, so you can soak it all in.

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Follow your inner knowing, and embrace the magical possibilities available to you at this time. You’re taking the lead in both your personal and professional life, and this dreamy synergy is reflecting onto your current reality.

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Your solar season is in full effect, and you’re falling more in love with life each day. To top it off, luscious Venus will also debut in your sign today, adding harmony and sweetness to your world. It’s a beautiful day to be in love.

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You’re feeling inclined to go within today, even if that means spending time on your own so you ultimately can rest and recharge. Although, if you happen to be in a romantic connection, today may be one of those days where you decide to escape with a significant other, and enjoy an intimate setting.

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Contemplating your next moves? Variety is a blessing in disguise, and from the looks of it, you’ve got plenty of choices to choose from under today’s magical skies. A friend of a friend may decide to keep you company, and you’re not mad about it.

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The cosmos is making your day a little sweeter, and that’s a gift. Although, in addition to basking in your simple pleasures, you’re also being called to take the initiative when it comes to the individuals and situations you choose to surround yourself with. Having more compassion for yourself goes a long way.

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You learn something new everyday, and venturing outside of your Plutonian hiding spot could turn out to be quite rewarding. Love comes in all colors, shapes, and sizes... and for some of you, from a long distance. Discover the magic hidden deep in the unknown.

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Surrounding yourself with those who allow you to be your most authentic self will always bring out the best in you. This is especially true for those of you who tend to shy away from intimacy, but things are bound to transform under today’s soft-hearted skies. What’s the worst that could happen? Give it a chance.


You’re bonding with your besties, and making new friends in the process. There’s something innately inspiring about spending quality time with others, and you’re discovering the magical parts of you along the way. You’re more likely to crush, but you’re also irresistible to others at this time.

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Do something different today; make more time for the things that make you happy. Whether it be the desire to get that workout in, or something as simple as taking a personal day to spend time with your sweetheart, you’re manifesting the life you crave in the process.

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Shake it off, and stay true to your heart’s desires. Whether creatively or romantically, you’re as inspired as ever under today’s enchanting skies, and your romantic admirers are no exception. The best part? All you have to do is be your most authentic self.

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