Jelly Belly’s New Harry Potter Butterbeer Flavors Are Magical

There’s a Sorting Hat jelly bean dispenser, too!

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Courtesy of Jelly Belly

You’re about to be snacking like a wizard, because Jelly Belly launched a new collection of Harry Potter-inspired Butterbeer goodies on Oct. 3. And with a lineup of delicious candies, flavorful jelly beans, and unique collectible items, the collection is just as magical as it sounds.

Courtesy of Jelly Belly

The new additions to Jelly Belly’s Harry Potter line are available now on the Jelly Belly website, as well as in-stores at various Jelly Belly retailers.

To find the goodies near you, check out the Store Locator on the Jelly Belly website and select the Harry Potter brand filter.

The Butterbeer-flavored snacks join the ranks of Jelly Belly’s previously released Harry Potter-inspired desserts, including sweet chocolate frogs, decadent chocolate wands, and more.

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Harry Potter Butterbeer Milk Chocolate Bar
Jelly Belly

Each bar of the new Butterbeer milk chocolate features six barrel-shaped designs covered smooth milk chocolate and a creamy Butterbeer-flavored filling.

Harry Potter Butterbeer Chewy Candy
Jelly Belly

These new mug-shaped candies are deliciously chewy and pack a seriously sweet Butterbeer-flavored punch.

Harry Potter Butterbeer Glass Mug
Jelly Belly

Expand your collection of Harry Potter merch with the new Butterbeer Glass Mug, which comes filled with Butterbeer Chewy Candies and and a collectable coaster.

Harry Potter Butterbeer Chewy Candy Barrel Tin
Jelly Belly

The new Butterbeer Barrel Tin is perfect for keeping your Butterbeer Chewy Candies protected from horcruxes and three-headed dogs.

Harry Potter House Points Counter Dispenser
Jelly Belly

The new House Points Counter Dispenser comes with its very own talking Sorting Hat that’ll finally help you figure out which Hogwarts house you belong to. The dispenser comes with four jelly bean flavors inspired by each house — green apple, lemon, cherry and blueberry.

Knight Bus Tin of Gummi Candy
Jelly Belly

To dive your tastebuds even deeper into the wizarding world, make sure to check out the entire collection of Harry Potter-themed treats on the Jelly Belly website to find goodies like this Knight Bus Tin of Gummi Candy and more.


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