Romance Is In The Air For Every Zodiac Sign On This 1 Day In January

New year, new connections.

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A sun-Venus cazimi will be taking place in Capricorn on Jan. 8 at 7:47 p.m. ET

This configuration will coincide with Venus becoming visible again after being hidden from view during its retrograde period. While the rx doesn’t officially end until Jan. 29, the sun-Venus cazimi will serve as a period of renewal for Venus as it regains visibility — and it will be taking place in the birth charts of every sign.

Here’s what you can expect in your relationships:


This day will serve as a fresh new start to your professional endeavors. While Venus retrograde may have put things on hold for a bit, the sun-Venus conjunction is reigniting your relationship with success and acknowledgement. Be sure to use this energy wisely, it can really assist you in getting any exciting new projects off the ground.

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This retrograde cycle has reshaped how you connect with your own body and the world around you, but on Jan. 8, your desire for connection will be renewed in the best way. This is the perfect time to assess your relationship with your belief systems. How have they changed since last year?

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Your relationship with boundaries and shared resources has been a big theme lately, but on Jan. 8, expect these themes to take a positive, sharp turn. Be sure to evaluate what your relationship is like with receiving help from others, because it’s well-deserved and can really pay off.

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The cazimi on Jan. 8 will take place in your seventh house of relationships, directly impacting your romantic partnership. While the last month has likely been a bumpy ride for you two, this transit will offer some fresh, renewed energy in your dynamic. Now’s the time for your relationship to take a step in the right direction.

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In your sixth house of work and health, you’ll notice that your relationship with labor and responsibility takes a positive turn on this day. Your daily tasks should be filled with pleasure, and this cazimi will give you a gentle nudge in a healthier, more balanced direction.

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Venus retrograde has likely brought some important themes to the forefront pertaining to pleasure, creativity, and intimacy. While it probably hasn’t been smooth sailing, Jan. 8 will offer you a pleasant new beginning. Use this time to embark on a creative project or connect with a loved one — whatever it is that allows you to cultivate joy in your own life.

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Your relationship with your relatives will experience a turn in a positive direction. While the holidays may have had emotions running pretty high, there’s something pleasant taking place here. As you’ve been striving to set healthy boundaries here, the astrology on Jan. 8 will allow you to enjoy the changes you’ve set in place since Venus retrograde began.

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You’ve likely been biting your tongue a bit more than usual lately, so Jan. 8 will be the perfect time to get back in touch with your inclination to share your thoughts and ideas. Your words will be well-received, so it’s the perfect time to have important conversations with others.

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The astrology on Jan. 8 will emphasize your relationship with your finances and possessions. It will serve as a time of connection between you and your valuables, and help you to embark on a pleasant new endeavor pertaining to your resources.

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This sun-Venus cazimi in Capricorn will be affecting you more than most, renewing your relationship with your sense of self. You’ve likely been feeling a bit out of sorts since Venus retrograde began, but Jan. 8 will serve as a time when you can reconnect with your self-expression and purpose. Now is the time to embark on a fresh new start.

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On Jan. 8, the cazimi conjoins in your 12th house of mental health and isolation, prompting a pleasant sense of renewal as it pertains to your relationship with your inner being. You’ve been doing a lot of shadow work over the last month, and it will really start to pay off during this time, right before your season begins on Jan. 21.

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Your friendships will be your top priority on Jan. 8. While these relationships have been going through some major shifts over the past month, the cazimi between the sun and Venus on this day will provide you with a new, pleasant experience with your alliances.

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