Why You Love Being The Center Of Attention, According To Your Zodiac Sign

Leo isn't the only one who loves the spotlight.

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Every zodiac sign loves to be noticed and admired

In astrology, every zodiac sign radiates a stereotype. Geminis are considered talkative, Cancers are known as cry babies, but Leos? They're famous for being "attention-seeking." However, the truth is, every zodiac sign loves attention, just in their own unique way.

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Just because your zodiac sign doesn't live for being the center of attention doesn't mean you don't enjoy basking in the spotlight. Here's how your zodiac sign demands attention whenever they enter a room (because deep down, you know you love being seen):


Aries loves being known as the "winner" in any given situation. The attention they desire is the praise they receive after they've proven themself, knowing they've bested everything and everyone that stood in their way. When they're in second place, it might as well be last.

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Taurus loves being pampered and spoiled, craving gifts, affection, and devotion from their trusted circle more than anything. It's when you're not doing the things you should *know* they like that they feel ignored. A Taurus definitely doesn't want to ask for something twice.

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Gemini loves being the person who's regaling everyone their ability to tell a story, win an intellectual debate, and make people laugh. They act like they're performing a comedy set or a TedTalk during social interactions, wanting to be the smartest person in the room.

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Cancer loves being needed. They want to be the one you know you can call late at night crying. They want everyone to think they're an exceptionally accommodating host who makes you feel at home. They want the same attention a doting mother wants from their kids.

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Leo loves attention like a kid who's about to put on a talent show in their living room. They feel alive when they're being playful and creative, but they need your love in order for it to be fun. After all, every talent show needs an audience and a judging panel.

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Virgo loves being the one who's read the manual from cover to cover so everyone will turn to them for guidance. If you're doing something differently than they would, they take it personally. They studied, analyzed, and synthesized, so why would you ignore their advice?

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Libra loves it when everyone has a little bit of a crush on them. They pride themselves in their charisma, beauty, and intelligence, and if you're not moved by their charms, they'll start looking for attention elsewhere. They go wherever the attention goes.

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Scorpio loves attention from the people they've chosen to receive attention from. They don't need it from *everyone* but boy, when they decide they like you, they need to be worshipped. If you're giving more attention to someone else for too long, it makes them squirm.

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Sagittarius loves being the one who shows you a good time. They want to be the Peter Pan to your Peter, John, and Wendy, taking you to Neverland where none of you have to grow up. But remember—Peter Pan wasn't happy when the Lost Boys eventually wanted to go back home.

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Capricorn loves being in charge. Whether they're your boss or the leader of your clique, they love having authority so everyone respects their status. When you veer away from their plans, they might feel like you're rebelling against them, making them feel threatened.

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Aquarius loves being the trendsetter. They love being the first to discover something, such as a new way to do your makeup or and new band. They fear being ordinary and they want to be known as the bad ass that started something before it became popular.

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Pisces loves being the human embodiment of your wildest fantasies. They want to be the fairy princess that enchants your life. But if you start questioning the magic, they just might fade away. Tinker Bell *literally* pretended to croak when she wasn't receiving enough attention.

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