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Test Yourself On Gen Z Slang With This Quiz That’s High-Key Difficult

Let’s see if you can take the W.

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While every generation has its own style and cultural references, it also has its own slang. If you’re someone who spends your days scrolling on TikTok, test to see if you know what’s up by taking this Gen Z slang quiz.

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No Cap

“That outfit looks so good on you, no cap.”

Capping is synonymous with lying, so when you “no cap,” you’re telling the truth.

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“Juicy tracksuits are still so cheugy.”

Something that is uncool, dated, and trying too hard to be trendy.

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“Sheesh that OOTD is fire.”

Sheesh can be used to hype someone up and is interchangeable with “damn” as an expression. It’s also often associated with the “ice in my veins” pose from TikTok.

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“That TikTok recipe is bussin’.”

An adjective used to describe something that is really good, like a food that is really tasty.

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“My bestie has got the drip.”

Drip is used to describe someone’s incredible sense of style.

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“It’s just me and the fam.”

Fam is short for family, but can also be used like the term “bro” to describe your best friends — who are like family.

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“TikTok is simping for Andrew Garfield right now.”

When someone is crushing hard on someone else, or puts in a lot of effort with their partner.

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“Last year’s party was so mid.”

This TikTok slang is used to denote that something is average, mediocre, and doesn’t live up to expectations.

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