I Tried All 5 Of La Concha’s Euphoria-Inspired Cocktails

Here’s how they rank from yum to *euphoric*.

Euphoria Season 2 may be over, but the experiences inspired by the series definitely aren’t. Starting Sunday, March 27, La Concha Renaissance Resort in San Juan, Puerto Rico is offering a Euphoria-inspired brunch menu, complete with character-themed cocktails.


If you want to figure out whether it’s worth the trip (spoiler alert: it is), then allow me to break down the Euphoria-inspired drink offerings, ranked from simply yum to absolutely *euphoric*.

5. The Rue-Inspired Cocktail: Psychedelic Butterfly

The vodka-based drink inspired by Zendaya’s iconic character offers a trippy experience, with its sometimes purplish blue (thanks to the butterfly pea flower syrup), sometimes reddish orange (thanks to the Aperol) appearance. With the addition of cherry bitters and lime juice, it’s basically a bitter and messy Shirley Temple — in the best ways.

Kaitlin Cubria

4. The Jules-Inspired Cocktail: Lavender-Infused Martini

If you love lemon, then the Jules-inspired cocktail is for you. Since Hunter Schafer’s Euphoria character is known for her sweet and sour attitude and bright style, it makes perfect sense why this particular beverage is a blend of gin or vodka with pink, lavender-infused liquor, and a vibrant, fresh lemon garnish.

Kaitlin Cubria

3. The Cassie-Inspired Cocktail: Tangerine Lips

There’s nothing more appealing than a refreshing glass of mimosa on a Sunday afternoon, especially when you’re spilling the tea at brunch. And when you’re feeling sassy, you think of Cassie. That’s why you can’t go wrong ordering La Concha’s cocktail inspired by Sydney Sweeney’s character, which includes Champagne, orange-flavored liquor, and a splash of tangerine juice.

Kaitlin Cubria

2. The Kat-Inspired Cocktail: Bloody Green Mary

The same way Barbie Ferreira’s Euphoria character always adds spice to her scenes, La Concha’s Kat-inspired cocktail will add a bit of spice to your meal. This matcha-colored spin of the classic brunch staple bloody mary includes vodka, cucumber, tomatillos, and a jalapeño pepper. So different, so delicious.

Kaitlin Cubria

1. The Maddy-Inspired Cocktail: Blueberry Dark Mojito

La Concha’s cocktail inspired by Alexa Demie’s confident character is 100% my No. 1 choice. Like any traditional mojito, the Maddy-themed drink contains the usual ingredients of rum, mint, and soda, along with muddled berries, pomegranate, and pomegranate liquor. In a word, it was *euphoric*.

Kaitlin Cubria

As someone who’s not usually a big fan of mojitos due to its overly minty flavor, I was shocked to find that it was my fave of them all. Guess I’m #TeamMaddy all the way (despite my Cassie-inspired nails).

Kaitlin Cubria

If you want to get a taste of La Concha’s Euphoria-inspired brunch and themed cocktails, you need to head to San Juan between now and the end of April, and book a table at La Concha’s Loft Beach Front.

Courtesy of La Concha

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