The Best Day Of December Actually Has Nothing To Do With The Holidays

And every zodiac sign will reap the benefits.

As we reach the height of the holidays, the cosmos are gifting us with their own offering: Jupiter — the planet all about growth and abundance — moves into Pisces on December 29, 2021, making it the best day of the month for every zodiac sign.

Before you ring in the new year, here’s what you can expect from this cosmic shift:


As Jupiter shifts into your 12th house of mental health, you’ll be inclined to focus some of your energy on your internal self. This time will definitely be a lot slower and reflective, but as someone who’s always on the go, that’s exactly what you need.


You care deeply about your relationships, but your career has kept you from having a social life. The good thing is, the astrology on Dec. 29 will bring many new opportunities for you to build healthy new relationships, allowing you to finally start prioritizing what you care about most.


You’re someone who enjoys sharing information with others, and the astrology on Dec. 29 will allow you to do just that on a grand scale. You have the wisdom, and now it’s time to share it with the world around you.


The astro energy on Dec. 29 fully aligns with your sensitive, intuitive nature, and will likely prompt a spiritual awakening or two for you. Whether it’s a life-changing yoga retreat or taking a doula training course, this transit will expand your horizons in the most unexpected ways.


Jupiter moving into Pisces on Dec. 29 will prompt growth as it pertains to your deepest bonds. Whether you’re receiving emotional (or financial) support from a partner or receiving an unexpected inheritance, this transit is offering you the helping hand you’ve always been too stubborn to ask for.


On Dec. 29, Jupiter in Pisces will shift your focus from keeping busy with your to-do lists to expanding your connections with others. It’s important for you to remember how important your personal bonds are, and this transit will remind you of just that.


The astrology on Dec. 29 will emphasize your health, wellness, and daily responsibilities. In order to have the relationships you crave, you have to carve out time to take care of yourself, and Jupiter in Pisces will be right there to help you embark on this journey.


The transits on Dec. 29 will likely emphasize your creative side, as well as other ways you experience pleasure. If you’re a Scorpio rising, intimacy is huge for you, and Jupiter in Pisces will be aiding in some fun new experiences next year.


2022 is looking really good for you, especially as it pertains to home and family matters. Since you’re a bit of a free spirit, this is the area of your life that you often neglect, but Jupiter in Pisces will prompt you to assess your home base, and establish some level of security.


With Jupiter’s shift into Pisces, you can take the resources you’ve accumulated and use them to dive into any interests you’ve been eyeing. This also will be a great time for you to participate in any sort of engagements around your local area, because after all, you learn a lot through getting out and interacting with new people.


The astro transits on Dec. 29 will allow you to start working on building a solid foundation as it pertains to your money. Now is a great time to use what you’ve learned about yourself over the past year and apply that wisdom to your values.


On Dec. 29, the internal change you’ve been seeing in yourself will start to express itself outwardly. Expect a lot of newfound growth and opportunity in the new year, as you finally receive the clarity you’ve been looking for. Your personal growth is because you’ve done the work, and now you get to reap the benefits in many ways.

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