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Adele’s New Saturn Tattoo Is Really Popular Among Celebs

All of these stars actually got the same ink.

The sixth planet from the sun is getting a lot of love these days from Adele. Not only is her new album, 30, inspired by what transpired during her Saturn return, but so were the earrings she wore during her One Night Only special on CBS, as well as her new ink.

In commemoration, here are six stars with the same planetary tattoo:

Miley Cyrus

In an April 2016 post, the Hannah Montana alum showed off her astronomy-inspired ink, and captioned it with a series of emojis and “#lilbbJupiter.”

Awkwardly, the internet informed her that Saturn is the planet known mostly for its rings, so she deleted the hashtag. The ink remains, though.

Alexis Ren

The model has always been a fan of the planets and the universe at large, referring to Earth as “a wonder of this universe” in April 2017. So it’s no surprise that she got out-of-this-world ink behind her left ear.

Saturn, you may be a planet, but you’re a total star in the eyes of some of Hollywood’s biggest celebrities.

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