Here's Everything To Remember About Sweet Magnolias Season 1

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Sweet Magnolias may seem like a light and breezy show for mindless viewing, but it’s actually full of drama and tons of overlapping plotlines. Here’s a Sweet Magnolias Season 1 character-by-character recap to keep everything straight as you watch Season 2.

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Maddie’s story begins with an ending — of her marriage, that is. When her husband leaves her for his pregnant mistress, Maddie reinvents her life, opening a spa with her two best friends and starting to date the new high school baseball coach.

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Career-focused attorney Helen realized she wanted to have a baby. However, when she discovered her longtime love, Ryan, didn’t want kids, she needed to regroup. A possible connection with Sullivan’s sous chef Erik could lead her in a new direction.


Dana Sue

The Sullivan’s head chef and owner dealt with a lot of interpersonal drama, including possibly being the birth mother of her new employee. She also juggled two love interests: farmer Jeremy and estranged husband Ronnie.

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Not long after the former pro baseball player came to town to coach the high school baseball team, he began seeing his star athlete’s mom, Maddie. Drama ensued.


Bill & Noreen

After leaving Maddie for his pregnant mistress, Noreen, Bill tries to create a new life. Meanwhile, Noreen grows close to Maddie and Bill’s younger son, Kyle. However, by the end of Season 1, Bill was trying to get Maddie — and his old family unit — back.


The Kids

Prom night left the fate of Maddie’s sons, Kyle and Ty, and Dana Sue’s daughter, Annie, up in the air. After Kyle tried to defend Ty in a fight against his foe, Jackson, he sped off in Ty’s car and got in a crash. The car had a passenger, whose identity wasn’t revealed.


Sweet Magnolias Season 2 premieres Feb. 4 on Netflix.


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