These Lil Nas X Tweets Are So Funny, My Stomach Still Hurts

He's an internet troll in the very best way.

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Lil Nas X is one of the funniest celebrities on social media, and if you’re not following him yet, you’re missing out. Despite the randomness of some of the rapper’s tweets, he never fails to make fans laugh. Check out his best Twitter moments here.

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After his “Old Town Road” remix went viral in 2019, Lil Nas X shared a hilarious tweet reminiscing about his pre-fame days.

Lil Nas X always asks the important questions.

Alright, who broke Lil Nas X’s heart? I just want to talk.

The star called out just about everyone who goes clubbing with this one.

Lil Nas X revealed he has one very intellectual niece.

Remember that time Lil Nas X shared this incredibly embarrassing moment with us?

Lil Nas X was so appreciative of his haters for helping him achieve this milestone.

Lil Nas X confirmed it himself, y’all: He’s officially joining the MCU. (Not really, but that would be awesome, right?)

Lil Nas X isn’t afraid to poke fun at himself once in a while.

Lil Nas X had a very NSFW reaction when he heard he was nominated for five 2022 Grammys. Here, the PG version.

The singer put a Twitter troll in their place after they criticized his fashion style.

Lil Nas X kicked off Pride 2021 by making a huge announcement.

He also gave fans some brilliant advice on how to best celebrate Pride.

Lil Nas X for president? Nope. The singer has different goals in mind.

Lil Nas X’s biggest fear as a performer is ~unique~, to say the least. Here’s to many more years of funny tweets by him!

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