The 8 Most Brutal Jokes From The JoBros' Netflix Roast

Their wives didn’t hold back.


The Jonas Brothers are more than just chart-topping, bop-creating song masters. As it turns out, they’re three very brave souls. Joe, Nick, and Kevin took a daring leap of faith when they signed up for Netflix’s Jonas Brothers Family Roast (now streaming), and let’s just say they probably didn’t know what was coming for them. The hour-long special is full of zingers, and I’ve rounded up all the best jokes here.

Pete Davidson

Saturday Night Live star Pete Davidson made an appearance on the Netflix special and cracked a joke about Nick’s acting skills. “Nick is a legit actor now. He’s won everything from a Kid’s Choice Award to a Teen Choice Award,” he said.

Sophie Turner

Joe’s wife, Sophie Turner, took aim at the band’s acting skills when she took the stage. The Game of Thrones star said there were some differences between how the band’s Camp Rock films were perceived in the UK and America. “On this side of Atlantic, the sequel to Camp Rock is called Camp Rock 2, whereas in England it was called a load of sh*t,” she said.

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Priyanka Chopra Jonas

Nick’s wife, Priyanka Chopra Jonas, had no problem delivering a smoldering roast. “They’re forever on Instagram, always on the phone, it’s so cute,” she said. “Because all of them combined still have less followers than me.”

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Danielle Jonas

Danielle Jonas lost her voice just before the roast, so she had to have Kenan Thompson tell her jokes for her. But that didn’t make them any less funny. “We have two beautiful daughters,” she said. “We had them the old-fashioned way when he [Kevin] went on tour and I slept with the milk man.”

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Kenan Thompson

The night’s host, Kenan Thompson, didn’t spare the guys’ feelings at all. He took direct aim at Kevin when he said, “Every Destiny’s Child needs its Michelle Williams.”

Jack Whitehall

Jack Whitehall had no remorse for the bandmates during his monologue. He told the crowd that being a Jonas Brothers fan was the reason he remained a virgin throughout high school. “The more I told people I listened to your music, the less they wanted to have sex with me,” he joked.

Lilly Singh

The JoBro’s friend, Lilly Singh, was in attendance and served up the ultimate insult. “The Jonas Brothers are so white and basic, they’re like if White Claw were a person,” she said.

Dr. Phil

Perhaps the most random celebrity appearance of all was Dr. Phil. The talk show host got real about the bandmates’ love lives. “Let me tell you what they need to hear. They’re not good enough for any of these wives,” he said.

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