Harry Is On The Menu In His “Music For A Sushi Restaurant” Music Video

Are those tentacles?!

YouTube/Harry Styles

Harry Styles’ new “Music For a Sushi Restaurant” music video has fans in a frenzy. The resident style icon dons a full beard and a fishy look in the video. That’s right. This may be his most eccentric video yet, and fans are loving it. Just check out their reactions.

In case you haven’t seen the video, here’s a spoiler: It stars Styles as a mermaid-like creature with tentacles. He was supposed to be on the menu at a sushi restaurant but is saved thanks to his singing abilities. He then becomes the restaurant's main entertainment.

Although Styles teased his music video on Instagram by sharing a photo of himself shirtless in a kitchen, fans never expected to see him as a half-man, half-squid let alone the sushi restaurant’s main course.

Some fans were so surprised by the video that they were left speechless. This is saying a lot considering Styles’ other music videos had ~interesting~ concepts too.

For example, Styles’ “Adore You” music video centered on a giant pet fish, while “Late Night Talking” featured him traveling the UK on a moving mattress. Still, his “MFASR” video was his “weirdest yet most Harry Styles” music video yet, according to this fan.

Styles never fails to amuse fans. In fact, as this fan pointed out, anytime Styles releases a video it’s bound to elicit *some* visceral response.

One fan even joked Styles reportedly declined the role of Prince Eric in Disney’s live-action remake of The Little Mermaid due to his wanting to be Ariel instead. Could you imagine?

Another fan thought Styles’ appearance in the video gave off more Ursula energy than Ariel vibes thanks to his tentacles.

Make sure to check out Styles’ “Music For a Sushi Restaurant” music video for yourself on YouTube. Just maybe not while you’re eating. Sorry.

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