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The Most Bizarre Dates In Bachelor Nation History

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The Bachelor franchise is known for a lot of things: roses, people being there for the wrong reasons, and some really awk dates. Just when you thought things couldn’t get weirder, here's a recap of the most bizarre dates in Bachelor Nation history for your cringing pleasure.


The Fake Wake

The Bachelorette — Season 11

When Kaitlyn Bristowe reigned as the Bachelorette, former host Chris Harrison led her contestants to a funeral home where Kaitlyn was lying in a coffin. He then told the guys they had to give competing eulogies *shivers*.


Skiing In Bikinis

The Bachelor — Season 16

Ben Flajnik’s season of The Bachelor involved a date in which his contestants went skiing in bikinis. Even though they were in San Francisco. And none of them were prepared to ski. And swimwear doesn’t exactly scream “ski chic.”

The Sports Illustrated Photo Shoot

The Bachelor — Season 15

During his second shot as the Bachelor, Brad Womack and three contestants posed for the Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Issue on a dramatic group date. This meant lots of bikinis, some awkward makeouts, and plenty of tears.


Strip Dodgeball

The Bachelorette — Season 16

Although Clare Crawley had a very short stint as The Bachelorette before Tayshia Adams took over, Clare was there long enough to host a strip dodgeball group date that ruffled a lot of feathers both onscreen and online.


The Smell Test

The Bachelor — Season 20

It’s hard to forget Ben Higgins’ group date to a “Love Lab,” where he tested the chemistry of six contestants. The strange event involved sniffing each woman’s armpit while blindfolded and telling a doctor what he thought of each scent.

Rick Rowell/ABC

Peter & Victoria’s First 1-On-1

The Bachelor— Season 24

Peter Weber and Victoria Fuller’s uncomfy one-on-one date was one of the most awkward in Bachelor Nation history. The couple went to a private concert, where the performer happened to be Victoria’s ex, country singer Chase Rice.


The Animal Photo Shoot

The Bachelorette — Season 15

Hannah “Beast” Brown had her contestants pose with animals for a photoshoot, but the best part was that the “crew” was hired to test the contestants' loyalty by flirting with them as Hannah and Demi Burnett spied on them.


Breast Casts

The Bachelor — Season 13

Jason Mesnick's season of The Bachelor involved his contestants creating molds of their breasts to be auctioned off for the Keep A Breast foundation. While the event raised money for breast cancer awareness, it was still a 2009 kind of slimy.


Ashley Hebert’s Roast

The Bachelorette — Season 7

In 2011 Ashley Hebert had a group date that involved her contestants roasting her, which made for one of the worst dates ever. The guys “joked” about her body and wanting a different Bachelorette, and it did not go over well.


"Old Person" Makeovers

The Bachelorette — Season 10

A strange yet sweet date took place on Andi Dorfman’s season when she and contestant J.J. O'Brien were made up to look half a century older and celebrated their fake 50th wedding anniversary.

David Moir/ABC

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