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Beyoncé's Dropping New Music, And Fans Are So Ready

She’s coming!

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The Queen Bey has returned. In the early hours of June 16, Beyoncé engaged in her usual forte of shaking the internet with a sudden surprise. The surprise in question? She’s dropping her highly-anticipated seventh album Renaissance on July 29.

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The forth-coming project, which is only Part 1 of what’s to come, will be her first solo studio album since she shattered the music world with Lemonade in 2016. Though not much else is known about Renaissance just yet, fans are eager for what’s to come. Rightfully so.

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If the BeyHive is clutching their pearls in complete awe of this announcement, I can’t imagine how the music industry is reacting.

At this point, Beyoncé, just take my wallet. My life savings. Take it all. If there’s a tour attached to this two-part album? Those front row seats are saying my name. Sorry, not sorry for the pun.

The excitement for Renaissance is so real.

It hasn’t even been 24 hours since Beyoncé jolted me out my sleep with this surprise, and I’m still shook from her announcement. B7 is really coming?

Honestly, word to this. I’m currently creating a Do Not Disturb alert for July 29 if anyone tries to contact me.

Same, Tidal. Same. This hilariously iconic meme of Tiffany “New York” Pollard yelling Beyoncé’s name in surprise will live on forever.

Beyoncé’s British Vogue shoot is one to check out. She pulls out all the Studio 54-style stops, including silk corsets, sequin-embroidered coats and leggings, and vibrant chunky boots.

Alongside the album announcement, a Renaissance box-set dropped on Beyoncé’s official website. The sets range from a size small to 5XL and includes a T-shirt, CD, a 28-page booklet and a mini-poster.

Ugh, her power. How can I not stan her?

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