The BeyHive Is So Proud of Beyoncé's Artistic Evolution On Renaissance

Bey was right to say, “I’m That Girl.”

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On July 29, Beyoncé debuted her highly-anticipated seventh studio album, Renaissance, which included the lead single “Break My Soul.” Unexpectedly, fans immediately fell in love with the new music.


The anticipation peaked on July 28 shortly before midnight, when fans knew Renaissance marked a new era for Beyoncé and all of music.

Renaissance is Beyoncé’s first solo studio album since 2016. So, thankfully, Bey finally decided it was time to make her long-awaited return.

To say the BeyHive was excited for Renaissance to drop would be an understatement.

Since “Break My Soul” was so good, there was no doubt the rest of the album would also be bops.

Once Renaissance finally dropped, the immediate consensus was Beyoncé really showed her growth as an artist and cultural leader. Just look at these song titles.

It was such a power move to start Renaissance with a track titled “I’m That Girl.” Beyoncé really is that girl for dropping such an amazing album. Honestly, she’s always been that girl.

Is Renaissance one of Beyoncé’s best albums? Absolutely.

The song “Church Girl” was definitely a highlight. Fans, myself included, were absolutely shook upon hearing it for the first time.

Okay, the album is out. So, Beyoncé, what about a tour announcement?

The Beyhive couldn’t get over Renaissance being the first release in what might be an album trilogy. “This three-act project was recorded over three years during the pandemic,” Beyoncé wrote in her album booklet and on her website. She called Renaissance “Act 1.”

Listening to Renaissance was a truly joyous experience. If you haven’t checked out the album already, seriously what are you waiting for?

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