8 AHS Season 11 Theories To Ponder After The Premiere

There are so many ways this could go.

by Ani Bundel

American Horror Story has aired for over a decade. However, the anthology series has never had a season like NYC, where the pacing and mystery are still up in the air after two installments. Here are several AHS Season 11 theories about what’ll happen next.


Zachary Quinto’s Sam Is A Son Of Sam Reference

Quinto’s BDSM-loving, coke-snorting character feels like a red herring in the murder mystery. However, his name is Sam. Viewers are wondering, especially with a blackout episode, if his name is a reference to the Son of Sam killer.

Pari Dukovic/FX

Mr. Whitely Is The Mai Tai Murderer

Mr. Whitely, introduced as one of those dying of AIDS, is the most apparent serial killer suspect. He’s not the only one, and it may seem a little too obvious, but perhaps this season is that straightforward.

Pari Dukovic/FX

AHS: NYC Is Retelling The Last Call Killer

Richard Rodgers preyed on gay and bisexual men along the Eastern seaboard for decades, terrorizing NYC in the early ‘90s. The hanging hands at the end of Episode 2 could be a sign AHS is doing a fictionalized version of his crimes.

Pari Dukovic/FX

Big Daddy & Sam Are Working Together

Despite Theo insisting no one has seen Big Daddy in years, it seems like everywhere Sam goes, there he is. Is Big Daddy working for Sam? Does he kidnap guys like Sully for Sam to enjoy? Fans have a lot of questions about this relationship.

Pari Dukovic/FX

Fran’s “Government Conspiracy” Will Be True

Fran tells Dr. Hannah Wells she has a story about a government conspiracy. It was a common belief at the time that AIDS was loosed on the LGBTQ+ community by the government. Could NYC decide to make that story true?

Pari Dukovic/FX

NYC Will Tie Into Monster: The Jeffrey Dahmer Story

Ryan Murphy’s newest AHS comes on the heels of his Netflix hit, Monster: The Jeffrey Dahmer Story. Two stories about serial killers with homophobic motivations in the same era? This may be a way to tie the Murphy-verses together.


NYC Will Be An AHS & Pose Crossover

Murphy’s non-AHS hit Pose finished its run with Season 3, but AHS: NYC is set just a few years before FX’s other series, and in adjacent communities. Could there be a scene that introduces a young Pray Tell?


Big Daddy Is The Personification Of AIDS

AHS is a parable about unacknowledged horror stories of America. With its June 1981 setting, NYC might make AIDS the monster. Could Big Daddy be the personification of the crisis, a death figure haunting those who don’t know they carry it?


American Horror Story: NYC continues with two new episodes every Wednesday at 10 and 11 p.m. ET on FX and streaming the next day on Hulu.


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