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10 Rom Com-Inspired Winter Date Ideas

Get ready to hang that mistletoe.

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Romantic comedies might set some, well, unrealistic standards for love, but that doesn’t mean you should write off the entire genre — especially if you could use some fresh inspiration for a romance-filled winter. Read on for 10 rom com-approved date ideas.

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1. Go To A Museum

Keep warm this winter by going on a museum date. Channel When Harry Met Sally’s iconic scene at the Met by wandering around your favorite local gallery or exhibit.

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2. Go To A Christmas Market

In Something From Tiffany’s, Zoey Deutch’s character works at a popular Christmas market in New York City. But going on a date to one of these pop-ups is much less stressful and much more romantic.

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3. Grab Some Hot Cocoa

Serendipity, starring John Cusack and Kate Beckinsale, is the ultimate rom com for anyone who believes in fate. One thing this film definitely got right? The cozy café and their frozen hot chocolate. Frozen or not, this date idea is pretty delicious.

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4. Go To A Game

Winter is basketball season. Going to a game is a great way to spice up your regular date night. Just try to avoid asking your date to get you a soda in the last few seconds of the game, à la Andie from How To Lose A Guy In 10 Days.

5. Try Out The Local Theater

Take a cue from the ultimate winter rom com, Love Actually, and plan a date to see a play. (Though keep in mind that most productions frown upon making out backstage.)

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6. Go Skiing (Or Sledding)

Falling For Christmas, Lindsay Lohan’s return to rom coms, take place at a ski lodge — well, two ski lodges, actually. A skiing date might not be in everybody’s budget, but a snowy sledding date is another great option.

7. Hit The Rink

An ice skating date (like this one in Last Christmas) is a classic winter date idea for good reason. Plus, a slippery surface is a great excuse to hold hands.

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8. Go Out For A Gourmet Meal

Last Holiday is one of the best festive rom coms out there. (As it should be, considering Queen Latifah is completely iconic.) Why not channel the vibes by treating you and your date to a luxury meal, or attempting a complicated recipe at home?

9. Go Caroling

I know, I know, caroling like they did in Happiest Season isn’t the trendiest winter tradition. However, if you’re with the right company, singing some classic holiday songs can actually be kind of... fun? Plus, it’s a great way to assess your SO’s ability to go with the flow.

10. Check Out Your Favorite Bookstore

IMO, there’s no better way to spend a cold afternoon than in a cozy bookstore. If you’re looking for winter date inspiration, this idea from You’ve Got Mail is a good place to start. Bonus points if you choose a local, independently owned shop.

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