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Daniel Radcliffe And His GF *Finally* Walked The Red Carpet Together Again

The last time they did this? Almost eight years ago.

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Radcliffe and Darke hit the carpet for the New York City premiere of The Lost City on March 14. And according to Page Six, this was their first public outing since June 2014.

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It makes sense that Darke came to support him. Radcliffe starred in the treasure-hunting adventure movie alongside other big names: Sandra Bullock, Brad Pitt, Channing Tatum, Da'Vine Joy Randolph, Patti Harrison, and Oscar Nunez. (BTW, the movie has an 100% score on Rotten Tomatoes.)

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The couple has been together for some time. They first met in 2013 on the set of their movie Kill Your Darlings. In the film, the duo actually filmed a NSFW scene together in the back of the library — no, not in the restricted section.

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They Keep Things Private

Despite their very bold beginning, Radcliffe and Darke do not talk about their relationship often. But back in 2019, he told People TV's Couch Surfing a little about the start of their relationship,It’ll be a hell of a story to tell our kids one day because of what our characters do with each other.” 👀

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Some (non-explicit) moments in the film actually show the sweet beginnings of their real life romance, as well. “That’s a wonderful record of us flirting for the first time. There’s no acting going on — not from my end, anyway,” Radcliffe told Playboy in 2015. “There’s a moment when she makes me laugh, and I’m laughing as me and not as my character. She was incredibly funny and smart. I knew I was in trouble.”

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Apparently, they had an “instant” connection. Speaking to Parade in 2014, the Harry Potter star explained, "It was one of those instant things where you’re like, 'Oh, I really like this person. You just have a connection with somebody, and then suddenly it’s incredibly easy to talk to them.”

Killing Your Darlings
Darke Has Also Gushed About Their Connection

In 2018, Darke talked about their romance to People — and their similar career paths helped them connect. “One of the first things we bonded over was how much we really love what we do, and there’s something that’s really beautiful and really lovely about being with someone who just innately understands that about you,” she explained. “We’re both incredibly supportive of the other person’s career.”

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Although the couple has kept their relationship pretty quiet throughout the years, that privacy might have been for the best. As Darke told Vulture in 2020, “We’re boring to [the paparazzi]. Ninety percent of the paparazzi photos of us are getting coffee... Or going to the grocery store. We’ve been photographed twice waiting for an Uber. Dan is not the most exciting celebrity.”

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Maybe the ~boring~ celebrities have the most luck in romance? It certainly seems to be working for this duo.

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