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Just 10 Pairs Of Chunky Platform Boots You’ll Want To Break Your No-Buy January For

We’re stomping over snow this year.

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Time is running out before the world is covered in a grey-brown snow sludge that you’ll want nowhere near you. Sadly, to get to where you need to go, you’ll have to face the elements, but that’s where platform winter boots come in and save the day. Adding a little more chunk to your soles does even more than add height. The extra cushioning makes them incredibly comfortable to wear day after day, storm after storm.

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ASOS DESIGN Wide Fit Aurora Chunky Lace Up Boots in Black

When it comes to heavy-duty, you’ll want ASOS’ Chunky Lace-Up Boots ($34, ASOS). The boots go up to mid-calf for maximal protection, but you don’t have to run your fingers ragged lacing them up every day. Conveniently, these shoes zip up for easy wear.

Thora-P White
Steve Madden

Say goodbye to lugging around your purse. Steve Madden’s Thora-P shoes ($80, Steve Madden) come with a pouch that can comfortably fit your cards, AirPods, and keys. Say hello to a hands-free life.

Platform Chunky-Sole Square Toe Chelsea Boots

Rain and snow have nothing on these slip-resistant Chelsea Boots ($55, Kistania), but what really makes them stand out is the contrasting pop of color. The soles come in pink, green, and black.

Anran - Combat Platform Boots with Chain
Yes Style

Chains are not just for your neck. Instead, you can spruce up your stomping boots with the punkish accessory. And despite the massive platforms, Yes Style’s Combat Boots ($61, Yes Style) are lightweight and easy to spend all day in.

Demonia Shaker-52 Women's Stacked Wedge Platform Ankle Boot
Funky Pair

Cosmo and Wanda think they’re so slick going undercover as these vibrant Wedge Platforms ($93, Funky Pair). They even glow in blacklight, so you can impress everyone at the next party you hit up.

Faux Leather Spool Heel Platform Sock Boots
Nasty Gal

It doesn’t get any groovier than Nasty Gal’s Spool Hell Boots ($24, Nasty Gal). The wavy design of the heel is funky but still gives a lot of ground support so you don’t have to fret about toppling over.

UO Zola Zip Platform Boot
Urban Outfitters

Skip the hassle of lacing up your shoes because of the graphic and functional zipper front on UO’s Platform Boot ($50, Urban Outfitters). “These boots are so comfortable,” one reviewer wrote. “[I] wore them to work and a concert right after, and honestly, it was so comfy! No need to break in either.”

Chocolate Faux Leather Lace Up Chunky Sole Boots

You can’t go wrong by focusing your entire winter on Gen Z’s favorite color chocolate brown, and your shoes can match with Missguided’s Chunky Sole Boots ($42, Missguided). These shoes make a great base for your monochromatic ‘fit.

Charis Chunky Sole Block Heel Calf Long Ankle Chelsea Biker Boot in Nude Faux Leather
EGO Shoes

EGO’s Biker Boots ($30, EGO Shoes) are made with faux leather, so you can keep them clean despite all the snow sludge and salt with just a paper towel wipe.

Women's Chunky Ankle Boots
Sam & Oleander

Two pairs of socks aren’t always enough to keep your toes warm, which is why you’ll want the fur-lined Chunky Ankle Boots ($46, Sam and Oleander). You just may want to order a half-size up to ensure your socks can fit against the lining.


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