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All The Royal Looks From Queen Elizabeth's Funeral

The royal family was solemn and sophisticated.


The royal family came together to mourn the loss of Queen Elizabeth II at the late monarch’s official state funeral at Westminster Abbey on Sept. 19, and it was a solemn, but stylish affair.


Kate Middleton, Princess of Wales, wore a black, pleated coat dress and a wide-brimmed hat with a large veil. Her daughter, Princess Charlotte, wore a similar black hat with a velvet ribbon, along with a brooch to honor her late great-grandmother.

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Sophie, Countess of Wessex, and Meghan Markle, arrived in mourning garb that included black hats, though neither opted to wear a veil.


Each wore a simple black dress with a modest hemline. The countess’ coat dress featured a full pleated skirt while Markle’s streamlined dress includes a cape.

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Although Markle and Middleton are often pitted against each other, both women opted for similar styles of one accessory. The brims and styles of their hats are almost identical, save a few embellishments on Middleton’s hat including her veil.

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The York Princesses, Beatrice and Eugenie, both wore black hats and black coats adorned with buttons. While Beatrice’s hair was down and she wore a shorter coat, Eugenie’s hair was tucked under her hat and the hem of her coat dress fell below her knee.


Queen Consort Camilla wore a small black hat decorated with flowers and accompanied by a black veil.

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Seen here beside her husband, King Charles III, Camilla also wore a long black coat dress adorned with a silver brooch. She carried a small clutch and a pair of black gloves.


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