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Not Me Copying Every One Of Lil Nas X's Best Beauty Looks

Who gave him the right to look this good???

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You know him for his bumping music and iconic fits, but what about Lis Nas X’s plethora of killer beauty looks? The mastermind behind the rapper’s beauty vision is his long-time makeup artist Hodo Musa. This partnership became official after “Old Town Road” blew up in 2019, and ever since, you and the rapper have no one but Musa to thank for these makeup looks. The two clearly have something kismet, because you’ll never see Lil Nas X tripping with his best beauty looks to date.

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All Lil Nas X needs to do is swoop some glitter eyeliner on and boom. Instant beauty. This glitter look paired perfectly with his metallic suit, pops against his dewy skin, and adds a little bit of extra drama. The 2021 iHeartRadio Music Awards didn’t know what hit it.

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As part of his costume for his performance, Lil Nas X really went there at the BET awards in vibrant gold eyeshadow and long black eyeliner. The look is glamorous and intense — definite Pharaoh vibes.

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The 22-year-old singer also isn’t afraid — as I’m sure you know — to go really out-there with his looks. Anything for a theme, right? For his “Holiday” music video, Lil Nas X went full Snowmizer. He painted his mustache and brows a silvery white, but the added dark eyeliner brings a sinister, sultry edge.

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In a June photo dump on Instagram, Lil Nas X shared his butterfly-covered, glossy beauty look. His eye makeup is a bit understated (for him, at least), but he broke out the body paint for some very detailed butterflies over his chest, as well as a tiny silver one on his cheek.

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In UGG’s Pride month campaign, the “Old Town Road” rapper debuted a decorated, eye look with sweeping white eyeliner outlined by black liner. Despite being so graphic, the liner is slightly blurred at the edges, keeping even the dramatic points a bit soft.

Courtesy of UGG

Lil Nas X went full-on pink for his collaboration with Christian Cowan. As if painting all of his skin with a shimmering pink glitter and giving him a matching, spike wig wasn’t enough, Lil Nas X also wore a heavy smoky eye to add dimension.

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The highlighted inner corners, soft blue eyeshadow, and bedazzled teardrop all make Lil Nas X’s blue beauty look from the “Montero (Call Me By Your Name)” music video a look to remember. He also paired this look with long, matching acrylic nails and a beehive wig to bring this look to life.


There are a ton of jaw-dropping beauty looks in Lil Nas X’s video of himself doing all the sounds for “Montero.” However, the graphic, chrome, purple eyeshadow swooping from his inner corner to the tops of his cheekbones is unlike anything I’ve ever seen before.


No, that is not Lil Nas X’s face airbrushed onto Nicki Minaj’s body, that is actually just him. For Halloween 2020, he went all out with a bodysuit, vibrant yellow eyeshadow, and Minaj’s classic, huge false eyelashes. Once a Barb always a Barb.

Courtesy of Lil Nas X/Instagram

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