Scarf Szn Is Back, So Here’s How To Wear An Infinity Scarf


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When it comes to your neck candy, there’s only one (right) choice that’s the absolute coziest. Infinity scarves have followed yoga pants back from their 2015 grave with a force. While you don’t want to look like you’re about to say “I lost the game,” there are plenty of ways to style your infinity scarf that are perfect for 2021.

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Courtesy of Boots And Bags

There’s nothing wrong with going all-out cozy and pairing your infinity scarf with a sweater. It’s also a great move for fall, when you’re not quite ready for a big coat but need some wind protection.

Courtesy of Statement Piece NY
Knitted Infinity Scarf
Boots and Bags

Boots and Bags’ Knitted Infinity Scarf ($30, Boots and Bags) comes in 15 different colors, so you can build a collection that matches every sweater in your arsenal. The yarn is on the heavier side, so it’ll keep you warm in the thickest of snow.


Leather jackets are great for adding an edgy vibe to your outfit, but they leave a lot of space open on your neck. That’s where your infinity scarf comes in, and a graphic one is all the better, since leather jackets are pretty plain.

Courtesy of Storiarts
CC Wholesale Clothing Plaid Infinity Scarf Navy

CC Wholesale Clothing’s Plaid Infinity Scarf ($15, Walmart) gives off blanket vibes. Wrap this around yourself twice and you’ll feel like you’re safe on the couch rather than out taking on the world.

'Alice In Wonderland' Book Scarf

Books lovers, rejoice. Storiarts has a slew of infinity scarves with excerpts from classic literature. The Alice in Wonderland Scarf ($48, Storiarts) is especially fun as it includes some illustrations from the novella that will pop against your leather jacket.


It may seem like a lot to have going on around your neck, but a turtleneck with your infinity scarf is just upping your comfy factor. Plus, being able to step outside for a few moments without freezing off your neck is key.

Courtesy of BBSheepCo on Etsy
BBSheepCo Infinity Scarf, Pure Cashmere

Since BBSheepCo’s Infinity Scarf ($45, Etsy) isn’t super tight around the neck nor very long, it gives just the right amount of space for your turtleneck to peak out. It also comes in bright blue and red, which will pop against a solid-colored shirt.


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